Finally im free


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welcome Silly Me!

I was on staff for six years. My wife and I look back at that time and wonder how we made it through. It's a common experience not to have money when on staff.


Hi SillyMe. I like silly, and nonsense too. I was in the cult spread out over a period of 35 freaking years. Sheesh. That's pretty silly.

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Hi Silly me. I joined at 16 and left a decade or so later. I came accross ESMB only a couple of years ago and since then I have had alot of really good realisations about my time in the SO and how it ffected mybehaviour. I hope you get as much gain as I did and have as much fun.



Welcome SillyMe. I think you picked the wrong name. WiseMe would have been better since you woke up pretty quickly. :yes: Glad you're here. Now if you could only get your dad to come read some of the stories we might get him to leave the cult. :p


Hi SillyMe, welcome. I am glad you found this site - doesn't it feel wonderful? I can't tell you how much it still means to me to know we aren't alone. :)

You might also want to check out the site, I realize you weren't an SO kid but they have some good stuff there (especially about being a teenager and working at the org).

Congratulations on getting free and on making a new life for yourself and having a daughter. :happydance:

Good luck on your journey.

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Thank you.
I've been reading some of the posts on here. And its heart breaking.
Funny tho, I just had an argument with my dad abt the org. My dad got back on lines about a year ago.
My little sister now doing her first course.
People join staff with the desire to help. We end up being treated like scum that have the worst evil intentions.
Weirrd huh.
Welcome, SillyMe. Please be careful about talking Scn with your dad. He may feel the need to divulge anything that you say to him to an auditor or ethics officer. The CoS has a powerful pull on people with its line about risking spiritual freedom - many have disconnected from loved ones as a result. So go slowly, cautiously, let your own life be an example of how people can thrive outside of CoS and you may even get him to see the light! Same goes for your sister.


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Wow, I stumbled across this site about an hour ago, and its like a weight lifted off my shoulders.
I'm not alone. I left Scientology. And I'm rebuilding my life.
I was 14 when I joined staff at a Class V org in South Africa. At the time the ED was just declared an SP.
I remember feeling sad for her. She seemed nice.
In any case, by then I had done my Student Hat, HDA, the basic Div 6 courses. And just got through doing the staff statuses.
I was on the TTC programme.
However I was 14yrs old! My family had moved back to our home town (3hours away)
I was on staff full time. Yet had to pay rent, eat, survive. And then go to the org and study full time.
My dad was worried sick, yet each time the org convinced him, I'd be taken care of.
I never went home on wknds. And rarely saw my family. In a way I downplayed what I was going thru, to my dad.
But with rarely getting paid. I had to find another place to stay. Rarely ate. I was in and out of ethics.
Each time the ethics officer accused me of displaying SP traits.
I didn't want to expand our org. I didn't want to save people. Yet I was 14! Hadn't had a home cooked meal in a year! I was at that place for 2.5 years.
and of coure they got me to re-sign my contract. Yet I had convinced myself I'd see the first contract out so that I didn't end up with a freeloader bill.
Eventually at 16. After sleeping in the library for 2 days. I just walked out.
And I didn't look back.
I called my dad and told him I was coming home.

Today, 10 years later, I have my own business. Have a beautiful daughter. And thankful that I found the strength to leave.
I've not given all the details. But even just telling you this. Is lifting an awful weight
Welcome to ESMB, SillyMe.

Hey! That rhymes!!


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finally im free

Just seeing the title of your thread makes me smile.
Welcome SillyMe. Good to see you overcome a very large obsticle and move on to create success for yourself. Good going.:clap:


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Well done SillyMe, you did the right thing. A lot of us here worked in Class V orgs, and no matter what they told you - none of them were nice places to work. No pay and quite often people would end up sleeping at the org. It is the same everywhere.
I hope you enjoy being here and get a lot out of it.

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Howz it my china!!

A very big welcome to you.:bighug:

Nice to see a fellow South African on the board. :thumbsup:

My name is Adrian Kelsey not sure if that rings a bell for you.

I no longer live in RSA but enjoy the great life of Australia.

Good on you for finding this board, best of all is being able to talk about Scio experiences with other X Scios it's very therapeutic.:clap: