Finally: Kirstie Alley Defends Tom Cruise and Scientology


The ET spin is that she has come to TC's rescue. But what's back of this? Did she demand to be on the show so she could say whatever she said, or did they just pounce on her somewhere and ask for her comments about it? There's a big difference between the two.


Either way, the interview was softball fluff. Nobody who does these quick flyby interviews really cares what the answers are, apparently, because they never ask the tough questions following the really stupid answers.

"Well, there does seem to be a lot of reasons why people are protesting and attacking, how come you don't know about them? I'm not trying to attack you Kirstie but what about the 4 recent deaths at Narconon?"

That might a good one to start with.


Looks like a pounce. It was outside, I think. She was standing. Lots of noise all around.
It's nothing much. But interesting as probably the first defense of TC since the latest train wrecks.

I believe they mentioned it was in response to some tweet of hers as she very big on Twitter.
WAIT A MINUTE ....Linda Blair IS A SCIENTOLOGIST???!!! Did you see the Scio Celeb slide show?? Check this link ->


Holy Crap - the possessed girl from the EXORCIST is a Scio!!! Does anybody know --did she do OT 3???? Did she have some holy water sitting next to her worksheets just in case??




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Kirstie does spend ALOT of time on Twitter in lieu of actually working anymore. It's not like she's worked much in the last 5 years..

And her film that's been in "post-production" for 2 years? It may go straight to video or simply be buried.

Kirstie's crashing acting stats......

Her last feature film "NAILED" (about a woman, Jessica Biel, with a nail in her head) was shot in 2008 but they ran out of money before shooting the essential scene of when she gets a nail in her head. That kind of blows the movie right there.

99.9% that movie never gets ANY release because it wasn't completed and post was never done. It's a goner.

Kirstie's last feature film (not TV) was shot ten years ago in 2002, "BACK BY MIDNIGHT" was a minor part in a bomb with Rodney Dangerfield that doesn't even have reviews on the major review websites.

Guess that OT stuff isn't working out so well for ya, Kirstie. The more Bridge you did, the worse your film acting career crashed.

Interesting that the "more able" become less able with auditing and training.


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oh wow... Kirstie has even started to sound robotic... yeah. As far as her career? Her age? Only TV shows? Seriously, she's managing to get paid, do Dancing With the Stars... not saying it's grand, just saying... aging female actress... kinda gotta hand it to her that she does have a career in some respect.

I did read here book (in the library) that came out a few years back when I was first getting out, and it was one thing that contributed to me breaking the mind-fuck. She had so much 'normal' and 'not-normal' neurosis stuff spilled out on those pages, that I was thinking that if the OT levels were seriously real.... fuck... nobody would be that twippered who got through any of them. Hell, Clear should have handled the stuff she was rambling on about. I'm not saying I was any better off; I was realizing that OTs were supposed to be something off. But, at least she seemed to have somewhat of a voice and some balls... like her or not... lately... meh

Hell... I'm going back to watch the Bob Newhart Show :)


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Holy Crap - the possessed girl from the EXORCIST is a Scio!!! Does anybody know --did she do OT 3???? Did she have some holy water sitting next to her worksheets just in case??



That's one of the worst case of body thetans I've seen in years!

Perhaps that movie should be redone. Instead of a priest walking in to the room and trying to do an exorcism, perhaps we can feature a Cof$ auditor instead. No more of that "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!!" drama. No, our auditor would walk into the room with the possessed girl and say "YOU LOOK AT THAT WALL! THANK YOU! YOU WALK OVER TO THAT WALL! THANK YOU!" etc. I'm sure that would fix her up in no time flat. Of course, wait till you see the look on her mom's face when she gets the bill.



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Kirstie Alley said:
. . . probably, like, ninety percent of the crazy stuff about [Scientology] I hear isn't true . . .

So, about that ten percent . . .