First Anniversary of Mike Rinder's blog


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First Anniversary of Mike Rinder's blog.

Mike Rinder: Happy Anniversary

Many of us being ex-Scientologists, as well as Indies and Freezoners, the excerpts will focus on the STATS.

The first post on this blog went up on 20 March 2013.

That day 316 people visited and they read 1881 pages of information – about 5 or 6 pages per visitor.

Exactly one year later we have come a long way.

When I launched Something Can Be Done About It I put my mission statement at the bottom.

It is my intention to do everything I can to:
1. Expose the abuses ongoing in the church, through this blog, other media, law enforcement and elected officials to bring the abuses to an end.

2. Help provide information to anyone looking for the truth about the church.

3. Provide a forum for the exchange of information.​

From 316 people the first day we launched, readership has increased steadily over the ensuing 12 months. As of today, we average around 2500 different people visiting each day, resulting in between 9,000 and 10,000 page views a day.
The First Seven Days

From 20 March 2013 until the 26th – the first week, 4,237 different people visited, many more than once. By the end of that first week we had seen 11,340 total visits and 34,808 pages of information read.

Things got off to a fast start and it encouraged me to keep going.

That weekly readership has doubled since then – in the last 7 days this blog had 9,067 unique visitors who made a total of 29,756 visits to the site and read 64,917 pages of information.

But the really interesting number is the volume of unique visitors to this blog. It currently runs between 26,000 and 29,000 monthly.

So whoever you all are – thank you for your interest and your support. By visiting this blog you are making it clear that abusive behaviour within Scientology is a relevant concern and needs to be stopped.

The First Year

In our first year we have seen 255,234 different people visit the blog (unique visitors), resulting in a total of 1,252,169 visits and 2,768,536 pages of information viewed.

So the quarter million people who have swung by to check this blog out – thanks!