Fishin' at the Clambake Shack!


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Made my week!! Thank you ladies . . .


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Very funny, thanks for the laugh!

I also liked Veda's comment on the other thread, can't figure out how to quote across threads:

I'm having a difficult time staying focused on this video. I start going blank right after Rathbun says, "Hey Mike!" and then Mike casts his fishing rod. Although I am awaiting the inevitable fishing accident when two guys fish in close proximity - especially while seated - when Mike accidentally hooks Marty in his left nostril in mid cast.


I'm Glib aka Susan and RIF aka Resistance is Futile / AKA Patricia Curtis, left to right, go fishing at the Clambake Shack and made video of it, lol

ZLol ya slowpoke (<3 <3 <3)!

Man, I really hope they do a series of these, it still is cracking me up :roflmao:

(even sent this to mah dear old dad who is not up ta snuff on the whole CoS thing (though supportive), and he's still laughing too!)

Oh, bumps! :happydance: