Flag Releases and Graduates


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Thanks - but couldn't read cuz too small even when clicking to blow them up. Can someone enlarge these?

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If you click on the thumbnail and then double click on the small image it should open into a larger image, which can be enlarged even more, in a new window.


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Sad to read names of good people still in, that we still love and worry about! :confused2:


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I know scientology is more slippery than a haddock in baby oil, but is there a standard period of time that these lists represent?

Can we draw any information about how many people are still active from this list, or could it be these people completed these courses months or years ago and it's merely 'padding for stats'?

Does anyone have time to go through and see if names crop up for several courses, and be able to comment on how long each course takes to do? From this we might work out what the time period might be.