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Flash Picket in Denver - June 12th

Tom of Helatrobus

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A flash picket happened today on June 12, 2008. Here is the report.

(Anons) Slartibartfast, Anonyra and myself, Tom of Heletrobus conducted a flash picket of the Church of Scientology of Denver/ Englewood. Anonyra and myself carried signs and Slartibartfast manned the video camera and wore the Guy Fawkes mask, which is a statement on its own. Signs read: "Think for Yourself. Xenu.net" and "Scientology is Science Fiction" and "Scientology will 'Clear' Your 'Bank.'" Startibartfast and Anonyra remained Anonymous and I didn't, as always.

We arrived at 2pm and picketed on the sidewalks in front of the org on Bannock Street and also along Englewood Parkway on the South side of the org. We walked back and forth on the public sidewalk. We took a break for drinks and socializing at 3 pm for an hour then returned to picket for another hour. Thus ending the picket at 5pm. Taking a break in the middle was a nice touch - it was really nice to just relax and talk for an hour in the middle of the whole thing. I was conversing with the Anons that the picket model of "picket for one hour, party for one hour, then picket one more hour" was a model for the future.

The whole time we were actually picketing, 2 hours, about 6 people walked in or out of the org. No one said anything to us although we said "hello" to a few of them. As we arrived the shades were closed on the windows of the org, but that's the most response we got from the Scientologists. We got A LOT of public support - motorist driving by and honking horns and giving us the thumbs up. Pedestrians were friendly and some vocalized support. I was touched by the support we got. Really. It suprises me that it did, but it did.

We did have a police cruiser pass by. I don't know if that was called in by the Scientologists or if it was just a normal patrol. Anyhow, the cruiser didn't stop, it just rolled past.

The weather was nice, although the wind was strong. Slartibartfast was joking that the OT were using their OT powers to create the wind in an effort to derail our efforts. It was funny because we all knew that OTs don't have power to do shit. It was a joke at the expense of the OTs. Due to the wind we had to fight with the signs a bit, to keep them from blowing alway and the sound on the video tape has some white noise on it in places, but no big deal.

I was happy with the way this flash picket went. It was organized through private messages and phone calls after an initial posting. The key was that the Scientologists had no idea that we would be coming. From their point of view we just showed up. Later we went away for a while and then showed up again without warning. I guess it was the element of suprise what I was impressed with.

Slartibartfast got a good deal of the picket on video. Problem is that the video is a super 8 format. I have to buy some hard/software to convert the video to a digital format. Nothing much happened though. We were wishing that some Mary DeMoss type of character would pop out of the org and demand to know our crimes, but it never happened. It was a stress free, quiet stroll back and forth in front of the org.

Thanks again to Anonyra and Slartibartfast. I had fun hanging out and warning the world against the con that is Scientology.

Reasonable Lady

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Nice job! I bet that there is some stat that you ruined! Or maybe two stats, one picket before Thurs. at 2 and another picket after 2.:D



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Ah yes Thursday's are always a lovely day to hold a picket.

I do like your style TofH - the casual one-hour rest-break to enjoy refreshments and socialise. Nice, real nice.

Thanks to all of you for your contribution to making Thursday's more enjoyable. :happydance:


Bardo Tulpa
Good one, Tom.

I'm surprised that the DSA didn't come out to try to handle you again this time.

Maybe she's decided that you are un-handleable.

Or maybe she has awoken and blown.