Flash Raid in Ulm, Germany - 2010-06-26 with Markus Stuckenbrock


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Hello everybody, here's the raid report on the stress testers in Ulm from last Saturday the 26th of June in 2010! Markus and me met up on a sunny midday in downtown Ulm and were going to pay the booth an extended visit.
I approached the booth alone at first as Markus still had to attend some business. As I knew the people of the booth were unlikely to know me I feigned ignorance and let myself be "stress tested". An older man was asking me the usual questions about what I wanted to improve in my life etc. and led me to the e-meter. It was actually kind of a premiere for me, never got around to actually doing a test yet. He asked me where I was stressed and I invented a line he might get from someone my age like being so stressed out doing studies etc... the needle was doing a "long fall" and for some reason the guy quickly took the cans out of my hand again. Maybe he smelled a rat, or he didn't like the reaction he was getting from the meter.

I decided this was going nowhere so I was pulling out Dianetics out of my bag much to the surprise of my stress tester and began reading some quotes to him that might get him thinking about how off policy the cult is nowadays :). I asked him whether he was staff in div6 and he said no, he was actually going every 6 months to FLAG. Haha. I hope he enjoys paying for his sec checks.

I showed him my mask and he didn't know what it was, but his colleagues were quite unnerved and told him about "that hate group". That's about when I took off to reunite with Markus and then the real fun started. We returned and flyered the surroundings of the stress test booth. The Scientologists were VERY unnerved. One of them tried to rip the mask off my face the minute we arrived. Markus immediately came to my help and was asking the guy what in the world he was thinking. We flyered right next to the Scientologists flyering which was quite hilarious. In the beginning, they even got their flyers on the people who didn't know what they were about. I grinned at the Scientologist telling him I was quite surprised and that he was doing much better than his colleagues in the other cities I've been to and the guy gets a fit of laughter lasting almost a minute. I was in awe. I have seen reactions like these before but it is always stunning to see people - that believe to have THE ONLY workable technology for mental health - going apeshit.

Here's a picture of the stand:

The black shape is a woman I cut out of the picture and to whom I promised not to put her picture on the internet. In retrospect I have to say that all of the Scientologists I met initially were very nice people. Even the one who first tried to rip my mask off. The more unfriendly ones only came later.

Markus was standing at the other end of the plaza and was flyering there so that we pretty much got the whole ground covered. However I cannot speak for him what he may have witnessed so I better let him weigh in there :)

After a while, some dude in a red shirt came and photographed me. It was quite funny:


we were circling each other like boxers in the ring with our cameras:

(click this link for viewing the last picture in its full glory, in the background you can see the tip of the Ulm Minster)

A few minutes after that he actually went in my face and I can't remember exactly what he asked me (along the lines of "what is your misunderstood?" or something like that). That only went on for ten seconds though and he steamed off again.
Immediately a few kids who were also sitting in the plaza and who were watching Markus and me doing our stuff came and were asking me "is everything ok?". They decided to sit a few meters in front of the booth kinda to piss off the Scientologists.

Markus took this nice picture:

After what must have been something like 2 hours Markus and me went for a little break and bought ice cream for all present, the kids, the Scientologists and us of course. When we returned with the ice cream the Police had also shown up. The Scientologists had complained about us flyering and about the kids sitting in front of the booth. When I came back the policemen were like: "Oh, and here comes the man with the mask!" and I only overheard them speaking "as long as these kids are peaceful they're free to sit where they please" while we were distributing the ice to all present. The police didn't even bother to ask for id and just went away.

We continued flyering for a bit again, had a beer for maybe an hour and came back watching them pack their stuff at 6pm. They were surprised and were like "oh that's a long break you were taking!". Doesn't quite seem to fit in their world view as they believe we must 100% be paid by big pharma to protest against Scientology!

To wrap it up: after they left Markus and me parted ways too and we were proud to look back on a very eventful, entertaining and successful raid. Many thanks to Markus for joining and paying for the beer :)


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Good work and report!! Love the photos! Anyway to reduce them? It was hard to read the large page.

ps: The Ulm Minister is beautiful :)
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I rememeber two more things from that raid now :)

First, when we returned at the end a pretty crazy woman was standing there handing out flyers. She came to me and told me: "I think it would be good if you wrote up your overts and withholds!". Told her "well, I'm not a Scientologist, why would I have to write it up?" and she answered: "It would be good for you if you wrote up your O/Ws!". Shows how crazy these people really are.

And a young man who works for the ambulance told me he had two cases where he rescued Scientologists after a suicide attempt. Given how few Scientologists there are (maybe 2000 in Baden-Württemberg) this really is an alarming number.

Good work and report!! Love the photos! Anyway to reduce them? It was hard to read the large page.

Thanks :)
I could make thumbnails, but can't be bothered right now :p


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Thank you for posting this here Ackerland

Right now I'm very busy - I will post some observations and thoughts about this raid and maybe some more pictures soon.

But one thing I can say - it was a real fun raid :)

Best wishes


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Nice that you two had fun and that other joined your fun .
Ackerlands story was interessting and now I am waiting for Markus story.