Florida Board of Certified Investigators INC.


Didn't know exactly where to start this thread....so put it in General Scientology thread.

I've was doing a bit of digging and came up with this very interesting info.

The Father/Son team of PIs (Powell) that were following Ron Miscavige Sr. for 1.5 years....Worked for and reported hourly to......Terry Roffler of Tampa Fla.

It is assumed that Terry Roffler is the intermediary that the Cult of Hubbard/David Miscavige hired to follow his father...

Terry Roffler's office address in Tampa.....as listed on numerous web sites is actually a UPS Storefront....with rental mail boxes.

I was thinking of protesting his office....so was digging around...

So I checked out the "Florida Board of Certified Investigators Inc." and found out that Terry Roffler is the Chairman of that Company!

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.41.58 PM.jpg

I suppose that the Cult of Hubbard could have hired a Law Firm to do this...and the Law firm hired Terry Roffler and Associates...and Terry hired Powell....

Just thought it interesting....

From other stuff on the web....Terry Roffler...also at the same address has a Document Scanning company....So he has a couple small operations going...

I assume that PIs must get some sort of license from the State... But this FBCI or FCI is a NON_PROFIT group....of some sort....perhaps that lends "qualifications" to individuals to then get a State License????....in other words some sort of school?


Apparently there is another group....FALI.......Florida Association of Licensed Investigtors....that awarded Terry Roffler some status/recognition.....?


FALI apparently uses FBCI / FCI as a "runway" to bonafides....to get a State License?

All sounds kinda fishy....

And, I could not find real brick and mortar addresses for any of these groups....or Terry Roffler.

Edited: Smurf....perhaps you could look around a bit?


Also, [FONT=Tahoma,sans-serif] Dougherty & Dougherty Investigations, LLC. which advertises themselves as "the premier investigative company in Tampa" under their Professional References.....lists Terry Roffler.


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Dougherty & Dougherty do have a couple brick and mortar locations in Tampa...
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