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Follow The Money - Virginia Mcclaughry

Discussion in 'David Miscavige and Current Management' started by AnonKat, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Might be. It may be the old nature vs nurture thing.

    I'm thinking of screwed up families I've seen where some disfunctional shit was happening. The kids ended up shell shocked. But they all took different lessons away from their experiences and tried to come to terms with it in varying ways. A family like that I knew- one person ended up an alkie, living in the projects. Another ended up keeping a spotless apartment full of light and love and working very hard in offices. Two members, same family, each probably reacting to their upbringing and with different results.

    CofS definitely harms people. But the conclusions we draw and the actions we take also proceed based on our own natures. It does not help to have the disfunctional family unit, the evil cult. And with those things, you will get more fucked up people than with a nicer venue. But inherent nature plays a part.
  2. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    If you READ the piece you see it reads more as a acusation. You did not read it all did you.

    Death by a thousand cuts my friend. People asking a refund from the IAS that is a little liquidation right there. That is what I am aiming for.
  3. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    It doesn't matter. She's that way now.
  4. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    She was treated for psychiatric disorders prior to scn per her son.
  5. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    OK, thanks Terril. :thumbsup:

    Seems that Scientology wasn't very helpful to her then? :unsure:

    Anyways, if the reports of her on this thread are true, I hope she gets the help she needs.

    I was curious, so it did matter to me. :coolwink:

    But what matters most is the usefulness (or lack of it) of the data that AnonKat posted.
  6. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    From her son posted here.



    It's funny, throughout the day I have been thinking along the lines of how much pain my mom and step-dad and grandpa must be in. Is there any hope of saving them before it's too late? I feel like if my mom were to try and look at reality she would go psychotic though, it wouldn't be easy for the others either. I know as a child I had a deep love for my mom, I only wanted to please her and win her love and affection and I did lots of sweet things. It didn't last long though and through the years that love was perverted but I know if I could somehow save her the bond between us would be very strong. I do believe she was always trying her best to protect me and love me the best way she know how, which unfortunately was the sick and twisted viewpoint of scientology.

    I know my mother was abused and neglected as a child, although I won't go into details and I don't know many of them anyways. I know she spent some time in a psychiatric institute at a young age and had a very bad experience there. My step father Mike was raised in a physically and emotionally abusive home and had some pretty traumatic experiences in vietnam. My mom seemed to be depressed and in pain very often growing up. I guess I know why now... I always thought they had much harder lives than me and were stronger than me and tougher. In a way I guess they were both incredibly strong to endure all the bullshit they had to, but also incredibly weak and close minded and afraid to confront reality. I'm not sure which. Stubborn or strong? Maybe its a question of until they face reality they are just being stubborn and weak, which truth be told is exactly where I was and what I was being. Except in my case I was a defenseless kid who didn't have a choice, but I digress.

    Should they be pitied? Yes, of course. I really don't think she is a mean person at heart. She must have had a very hard life. If she could ever get back to being a normal person I know she is a very smart talented individual. My whole family is smart and talented and bright, it truly breaks my heart to see that scientology ripped it apart the way it has. My grandpa is a doctor and he was declared sp while in the church by someone who was later kicked out as an SP, he had to do some ridiculous RPF stuff which gave him a nervous breakdown and he never went back to the church. He can't go back to florida, I think I finally understand what he's talking about now about not being able to. I can't believe they all went on as long as they did. If you can call that living I guess.

    So yes my familys foray into scientology is a very sad tale indeed and should definitely be pitied. My sister and I are the only two that are out and "functioning" in normal society although my sister has not yet come to the realizations I have. I'm not sure how she would take all of this stuff I am saying but she never had it as bad as me, I was the target of all of my moms hostilities. Thankfully she is not a practicing scientologist and never got much auditing or got very far into the religion so besides maybe some funny ideas on therapy or whatever she is much better adjusted than I am.
  7. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader


    Posted by anonymary on

    Posted 11 September 2009 - 08:40 PM

    The IAS goes under different names depending upon the agency or location; In CA, the name is IAS Administrations, Inc. The IRS pub 78 lists it as " US I. A. S. Members Trust in Los Angeles CA USA " Currently it's charitable registry is pending with the state of CA. Hopefully they are being audited. lol You can see that and other info on the IAS entities, below.

    dba IAS ADMINISTRATIONS CLEARWATER BRANCH OFFICE has data on the IAS as "Foundation International Membership Services Administrations, Inc."

    "Foundation International Membership Services Administrations, Inc."
    IRS pub 78 " US I. A. S. Members Trust Los Angeles CA USA -- A public charity with a 50% deductibility limitation.
    US I. A. S. Members Trust not listed at CA AJ California Dept. of Justice - Office of the Attorney General
    Number: C1967046 Date Filed: 4/23/1996 Status: surrender
    BOX 3335
    Agent for Service of Process
    6300 CANOGA AVE STE 315
    The information displayed here is current as of "SEP 04, 2009" and is updated weekly. It is not a complete or certified record of the Corporation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Search



    CLEARWATER, FL 33756-5109

    Financial Snapshot
    Revenue: $0
    Assets: $0

    EIN: 980136014
    NTEE: -
    Group Exemption Number: 0000
    SubSection: 03 - Charitable Organizations
    Affiliate: 3 - Independent - This code is used if the organization is an independent organization or an independent auxiliary (i.e., not affiliated with a National, Regional, or Geographic grouping of organizations).
    Classification: 1 - Corporation
    Deductibility: 2 - Contributions are not deductible.
    Foundation: 17 - Organizations operated solely for the benefit of and in conjunction with organizations described in 10 through 16 above.
    Filing Requirement: 130 -
    Activity Code(s): 004 - Religious Activities
    927 - Other Purposes and Activities
    000 -

    Fictitious Name Detail
    Fictitious Name

    Filing Information
    Document Number G97044000264
    Status ACTIVE
    Filed Date 02/13/1997
    Expiration Date 12/31/2012
    Current Owners 1
    County PINELLAS
    Total Pages 3
    Events Filed 2
    FEI Number 98-0136014

    Mailing Address
    P.O. BOX 1230
    CLEARWATER, FL 33757
    Owner Information
    FEI Number: 98-0136014
    Document Number: F96000001900

    California: The Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts is pleased to announce its new online search feature. The new search feature allows you to search for information on charities, charity fundraising professionals, and raffle registrants that are registered with the Registry. It also allows you to view some basic information regarding charities that either are not currently registered with our office or are exempt from registration and reporting to the Registry.

    Registrant Information

    Type: 0 Corporate or Organization Number: 3088075

    RCT Registraton No:
    Record Type: Charity Registration Type: Charity Registration
    Issue Date: Expiration Date:
    Registration Status: Pending Date This Status: 3/4/2008
    Date of Last Renewal:

    Address Information

    Address Line 1: 1311 N NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE Phone:
    Address Line 2:
    Address Line 3:
    Address Line 4: LOS ANGELES CA 90027
    Annual Renewal Information
    No Related Documents

    The information displayed here is current as of "SEP 04, 2009" and is updated weekly. It is not a complete or certified record of the Corporation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Number: C3088075 Date Filed: 8/27/2007 Status: active
    Jurisdiction: DELAWARE
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90027
    Agent for Service of Process
    6400 CANOGA AVE STE 315

    To check a charity:

    ■The Attorney General also offers guidance to help Californians make important personal decisions on charitable giving. These resources include the Guide to Charitable Giving for Donors, pdf and searchable databases to learn about specific charities and charitable fundraising professionals in the state. Among the databases are Registry Search, for registrants generally, and CFR Search, which provides information and documents regarding commercial fundraisers for charitable purposes. For help using and interpreting the results from Registry Search, please review Registry Search Feature – What do the codes mean?
    Charity Research ToolA searchable database of the information returns that charities file annually with the IRS (Forms 990, 990-PF, and 990-EZ) is available on the Attorney General’s website.

    Form 990 Library California Dept. of Justice - Office of the Attorney General
  8. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

  9. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

  10. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

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    AnonKat Crusader

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    AnonKat Crusader

  13. crm1978

    crm1978 Patron with Honors

    I always wondered why a church needed such a complex multilayered structure as they seem to have .It sure sounds like they have a lot to hide.Those kinds of shell games are usually used by criminals or by covert ops types.One trick the U.S military /CIA used was to hide covert programs under open programs such as the navy building a submarine for oceanography that was in fact set up to spy on the USSR Perhaps Hubbard wanted to act out a superspy fantasy or just keep the tax collector at bay.It is clear that secret keeping was an obsession of his .The irony is that it sort of backfires by making your org seem fishey and makes people think you have a lot to hide.It also makes you seem rather paranoid
  14. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    But note that the IAS is An invention of Miscavige

    The original construction was set in place by Hubbard in 1982 when he sensed his coming demise

  15. Regardless of Virginia's (or Mike's) current or former state of mind I think Anonkat raises a very serious and promising avenue for international judicial investigation into Miscavige's mafia.

    The sheer volume and detail of the initial thread posts, with names named and dated, is worthy of research and verification. Larry Brennan may have valuable input on this.

    Marty Rathbun…??? Who knows?

    If only a portion of these money-laundering allegations were verified and documented, the cult would be under an international magnifying glass AGAIN. And this would burn.

    On a personal note I'd like to thank Virginia and Mike (who I don't know or have ever communicated with) for blowing the lid off the OT VII sec check squirrel scandal—you saved lives.

    John Harry Watson
  16. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    Well as someone who actually knows the facts - this is total tripe.

    Virginia always has to put in tons of stuff - and she has her head up her ass as usual

    Deac Finn did not "make it big" he ended up in jail for months in Spain - no-one in the IMU made money - and Debbie Fraser was not married to Lawrence. She is confusing two different people - but thats nothing new

    In 1985 the iAS money was in Cyprus via Luxembourg and nowhere near Curacao.

    The FST was formed to take the donations for the Freewinds.

    Follow the money? This idiot couldn't follow a skunk.

    Virginia is a complete basket case. If you are going to repost stuff at least repost stuff by Larry Brennan who has the added advantage of actually knowing what he is talking about.
  17. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    Declaration of ex-Scientology exec Lawrence H. Brennan

    May 20th, 2008 -

  18. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

  19. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Hey John Harry. I aquired a copy of the issue they referred to, perhaps the only one in the FZ. Did post some quotes here and will find them and repost.

    Its really the only good thing they did.
  20. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    I decided it was time to take a trip through fantasy land and decipher the written words of the idiot.

    So far, so good. I was there when Paul did the incorp of the IMU and we were, indeed , based at the WCB until 1988 when the IMU moved to the Freewinds.

    AS Virginia doesn't actually say who she is talking about or what connection they have with her point about the IMU incorp I am guessing that she is mixing up two separate people. Deb Fraser was the Qual Sec of the IMU and was married to Brian Fraser, a Brit who had been in EUS with Cliff Bowen. She was far from wealthy...

    Deac Finn - well he was FBed out at his own request (AFAIK) - he spent months in a Spanish prison during the Madrid raid and suffered consequences for it, he did not do well. He also ended up suffering from BP problems.

    As for being a "director" Deac was not even there when the IMU was incorporated. Once again we see the psychotic habit "conspiracy theorists" have of daisy chaining unconnected facts and speculation to try and make a narrative that supplies their fantasies. Deac may, indeed, have done well in business after he got out - he was a smart business type of person, graduate of Notre Dame and all that. He was smart, driven person, so I am not surprised. But it had nothing to do with his time in the IMU - of that I am certain.

    and if you go looking for some sort of point you will not find it because apparently the only point of this vignette is to throw a bunch of names into the narrative - is there a point made? No.

    Actually not. The IMU was set up to run the IMU Tours (so well known and loved). As I was there when it was set up from LA and was present for the incorp - and was one of the officers. And as I recruited and ran the tours along with Bertie Van Hoecke then I can ell you that so far she has not got one fact right about the IMU. Which was set up to run tours to reg donations for the IAS. Simple and direct.

    I could not answer as to where the FST was incorporated - but as Virginia doesn't apparently know, either, she falls back on "belief".

    I do know that donations for the FST (regged by Rick Alexander's tour at the FSO) which were advanced donations for OT VIII and IX ended up going to the IAS funds via KBL.

    IN 1987 IAS money was in Cyprus, not Curacao.

    Its not complex series of corporations. If Virginia actually understood how ships are bought and sold she might actually manage to get it right. But apparently she did not bother to find that out. Of course - "usual" doesn't really appear in CT narratives - cos then they would not look important.

    No it isn't. Well, rather not it solely isn't. I have no idea what money is in Curacao - the operating expenses of the Freewinds and the support organizations I would suspect.

    This is her definition of "complex"? This is standard for large ship ownerships. It is usual for large value ships to be owned by a single corporation which is, in turn, a wholly owned subsidiary of a larger corporation. The reason for it is damage control

    Apparently Virginia did not manage to channel that information. Or if she did it came through garbled.

    This is hilarious! What a waste of time - and, apart from filling up the narrative with what sounds like carefully gathered "intelligence" Virginia just wasted money getting officially filed documents - which prove - well nothing. The only 'purpose' that I can see to piling this bunch of filler is to make it look like she is really on to something.

    whoa. She is really trucking now. Thank god for Wikipedia and an atlas.

    Again - what is the point of this?

    So let me see if I can follow the circular "surprise". Virginia mailed a refund request to an address in the Antilles. Then she proceeds to go through the history of the company that she mailed it to and then produces the big voila! Its the address she mailed her refund request to?

    And thus we arrive at the opposite point to the one she was trying to make - if the IAS is using an agent and agency to handle the financial matters for the Freewinds - then that ain't where the money is. And it never was.

    Important? why? Does it have anything at all to do with what she is writing about? No.

    Once again the Conspiracy Theorist cannot resist just throwing in more and more stuff with specific names and speculation - and what does it have to do with following the money? Nothing... but it sure makes it look like she is ot on a trail.

    wow - the word "gambling" followed by "mafia?" now this is investigative gold!!

    Well so far - I followed what Virginia wrote - and it led to nothing except for an endless babbling with lots of extraneous information thrown in.

    I went through this, anonkat, and parsed it out - because advice from this woman is worthless. She does not have a fucking clue what she is talking about.

    It never fails - when someone is busy just writings reams of crap and throwing in loads of extraneous information to make it look like they really do research and therefore their speculation must have value - it does not.