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I wonder if Emma could keep this thread solely and only as a place for our experiences within the cult? Several of the anonymous members have asked for this, but the threads on which we have posted such stories have been rapidly derailed into incomprehensible theological nit-picking by a couple of people, whom, in my estimation are doing so with 'malice aforethought'. I don't think this is fair, I consider it a very covert oppression of our right to speak and be heard. It is also doing our very well intentioned friends from anonymous disfavour. I am reposting my statement made with regard to my reasons for being completely in support of the campaign. I will repost a number of my experiences within the cult that may shed some light on aspects of manipulation, coercion and abuse with in the 'Religion'. I hope that others will join me in doing so.

"I am a person whom, in carrying out my assigned duties as an officer of The Church of Scientology International, and The Church of Scientology Religious Education College Inc. abused a small number of individual’s right to freedom of their person. I caused harm to their person and harm to their mental state. I was also abused by CoS (including imprisonment) and witnessed abuses by others in the name of that same organisation.

"That what was done to me, that what I carried out in Scientology’s name and those abuses I witnessed, were never prosecuted by the legal authorities in the countries in which they occurred, they were covered up with some considerable skill - see my article on Alice, the nineteen year old cripple

"Recent legislation in my country has empowered victims of child abuse to come forward and prosecute action against the abusers, much of the motivation for the adjusted legislation – emphasis on the rights of the individual child, as opposed to the previous system that sublimated those rights to that of ‘the family’. This came about as result of the stories of some of these children being taken up and championed by the broad public media. Media took up stories as a result of the actions of a small group people involved in rape crisis centres, books and protests. The whole issue equal rights for women, legal contraception and the recognition of a married woman as an individual under the law came about as result of a groundswell of outrage channelled by a small group of activists for woman’s rights. – Such may be old news in America, but was only in the late 1980's equal rights were enshrined in law here in my homeland.

"The government will not move to do anything about this cult’s abuse of its fallacious position as a religion, it claims not be a business, yet it is listed as a corporation, and owns several sub corporations. It claims protection from scrutiny by the authorities – a school cannot, but a religious institution can.
If this cult’s quasi military management were dismantled, and the individual ‘local’ centres allowed to operate independently, then I think there would be little harm done, most Scientologists are after all very decent people, but they are lorded over by the Sea Org, an organisation that holds absolute power to dictate anything that happens in remote scientology delivery centres, ask any former Class V organisation staff, It is in Sea Org that the majority of abuses are perpetuated, planned, ordered and in most cases, executed.

"The Scientology public, the staffs in the orgs and missions are in reality human shields for the Sea Org, which is in fact a human shield for a small elite corps run by David Miscavaige.

"The authorities will not act except in individually prosecuted cases, the Church tends to settle out of court so that further scrutiny of the operation is avoided, they do not want to be scrutinised, this works to give the Sea Organisation a free reign to carry on abusing people, stealing money and silencing dissent where it might occur.

"I applaud the work of anonymous; it is a protest against the right of an organisation to operate what amounts to a separate state within the state, a dictatorship, with its very own prison camps, and a people devoting sole loyalty to a capricious entity outside of the legally constituted state in which it operates. People in the Sea Org, and to a lesser extent in the remote Scientology centres, have had their constitutional rights to their freedom subsumed by the leaders of this cult. They have no power, they have no freedom of thought, and they, while under command of the cult, have forfeited their rights of access to protection by constitutional law.

"The Anonymous movement is not that of ‘band-Wagoners, it is a collusion of free people practicing their civil right to protest against wrong. The action is empowering them, it is empowering those of us who are now out and it will empower many others to feel that they have a say, that they can do something about the society around them, it may go so far as to remind people that they can exercise their power to elect and unselect whatever government they put there to look after their interests. This Scn thing may well be only a practice run."


Still raging
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I'm so sorry this happened to you. I understand why you don't want to speak about it. But I can tell you from personal experience that speaking out takes away the abusers power over you and empowers yourself. Maybe someday you'll be ready to talk about it, and maybe you won't. Trust that whatever decision you make is the right one for you.

It's my greatest hope that when David Miscavige and his gang of cowardly, abusive bullies are brought to justice that victims of the Co$ will be able to file class action suits.

Not for the money, because money will not restore what was taken from you. But because money and power are what DM values most, stripping it from him is reparation. It's justice.

England circa summer 1987. State inspection of the Sea Org School was avoided again, the Office of Special Affairs are very smart. This time flap was simple enough, the 'nanny' had been sexually abusing the kids. It had been going for about two months, a mother, who finally got just a little window of time to look into her kids, saw it happening.

She was sent to 'ethics' when she attempted to call the police. The perp was moved abroad so the story would not get out, the mother was shifted to America. One of the abused children attempted suicide just four years later. Two others left, they had become drug addicts.

Scientology works, if you have the money.

I feel so angry for you Bea, I know what went on. I admire you all the more. I think you have done so well to overcome so much. Take care.