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Former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca found guilty in corruption trial

Discussion in 'Gold Base, Freewinds, and FLAG' started by Aerial, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Aerial

    Aerial Patron with Honors

    Apologies if this has already been posted.

  2. Out/Int

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  3. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    It's all but certain that, for his own safety, Baca will serve his time in protective custody, separated from the general prison population.
  4. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Given how inmates were treated in the prison system under Baca's watch I doubt that he'd last a week in the general population. :no:
  5. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    In California, well-off prisoners don't have to stay in the same jail as the common people. If you have money, you can pay to spend your sentence in an "upgraded" jail cell.

    Pay-to-Stay Jail Programs Offer Upgraded Cells For a Price

  6. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Back 20+ years ago I met a guy who worked in the same company as I. He served some time in a federal prison in Florida for rolling back the odometers of cars when he was a wholesaler.

    He told me some crazy stories about his time there. An employee who took care of the laundry at the prison would bring to him from the outside anything he wanted. So he had her bring him bottles of cheap vodka. He would pour the vodka into empty pepsi bottles, water it down a bit, sell it to the other prisoners. He said there was a large demand for it.
  7. Little David

    Little David Gold Meritorious Patron

    Tony Ortega wrote:

    As former Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca awaits sentencing, Scientology sticks by its man


    More than a year ago, we wrote a story about former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, who at that time was seeking a plea deal that would have sentenced him to only six months of incarceration.

    Baca, who had been a popular (if odd) sheriff in LA for 15 years, had retired two years earlier and was facing charges that he’d obstructed an FBI investigation into his jails, which were notorious for mistreatment of prisoners. (County jail, it might be important to remember, is different from state prison. While some inmates are serving short sentences for criminal convictions, many others are only awaiting trial.)

    What caught our eye, however, was that as Baca was no longer in office and was going through that criminal prosecution, he was still helping out the Church of Scientology. In the photo above, you can see Baca at an event held in 2015 by Scientology’s most unhinged front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. CCHR attacks the psychiatric profession, and at its museum on Sunset Boulevard (“Psychiatry: An Industry of Death”), it even promotes the idea that the Holocaust was a product of psychiatrists rather than antisemitic Nazis. But here was CCHR, asking a Holocaust survivor to make a presentation, and Baca attended to show his support.

    Weird, right? At the time, we wondered if the retired lawman didn’t have anything better to do than to help out Scientology’s nuttiest front group.

  8. Knows

    Knows Gold Meritorious Patron


    Scientology claims they are trying to "CLEAR THE PLANET" of criminality and insanity...


    Well - to sum it up in Scientology's own words....

    "It means that Scientologists want to rid the planet of insanity, war and crime, and in its place create a civilization in which sanity and peace exist.

    In order to do this, they must help individuals become free of their own individual aberrations and insanities and, hence, regain their inherent goodness."

    Here is David Miscavige, a criminal with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in his resume ... offering help to Lee Baca - the ex Sherriff of LA County - now a convicted felon awaiting his Sentence to prison.
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