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By David E. Love: Wire Service Media Release (08/31/2015)


This weekend, ex-Scientologist and Narconon staff member, Jason Seipp, met with 'Cult Examiner' David Love to speak out for the first time about his experience at Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab in Oklahoma.

When Jason arrived for the interview, he opened his packsack and pulled out hundreds of documents and a DVD of a Narconon Arrowhead Executive Briefing dated 2007. He entered Narconon as a student (patient) back in the late 1990s and graduated their program on June 14, 1998.

Immediately after graduating, he was recruited as a Narconon staff member and began his journey of being indoctrinated into Scientology. Jason read numerous Scientology course books and received E-Meter auditing sessions from Mary Rieser, the former executive director of Narconon Georgia. Following a police raid and investigation into Narconon Georgia for credit card fraud, the center agreed to close its doors, and avoid prosecution.

Jason was in and out of Narconon as a staff member until he says "the lights started going on, and I started looking around thinking this math doesn't wash, this doesn't add up. It got to the point where I was down at the McAlester facility, and all I was doing was being a security guard, sitting there all day. We had run out of money," says Jason.

After being advised that he could be harassed or attacked by Scientology for speaking out, Jason replied: "It's just the right thing to do. The church of Scientology is an evil organization, period… period. And, you know, I've got all this in my head, all these experiences… this knowledge about this, and it's doing me no good. So, if I can let people know what I've been through… my experience, and it can help them in any way, great. I don't want anything for myself, other than just hoping my experience will be of use to others."

Jason said he is familiar and fully aware of Scientology's Fair Game and Dead Agent attacks. When asked, he stated: "Absolutely, my cousin is Richard Hirst, so I am fully aware of what they're capable of… painfully aware." Hirst is an Office of Special Affairs (OSA) operative and a "handler" of critics. Hirst is seen in this YouTube video harassing Marty Rathbun that went on in Texas for 199 days while the OSA operatives claimed to be making a documentary. Tony Ortega published the story on the Underground Bunker.

When asked how he was doing today, Jason replied: "It's a day to day thing. I'm happy with who I am, happy with my life… I love my family, what family I have left. You know, it's [Narconon] always in my mind, not always, but at least once a day. At least once a day 'there' is it."


Narconon Interview with Jason Seipp and David Love


Narconon Arrowhead Executive Directors Briefing 2007

August 28, 2015: Take a look inside Narconon Arrowhead and see how similar it is to the Scientology organization. See the Scientology Management and OEC Volumes on the shelves, the Org Board, staff lining up in their Divisions at Roll Call, and the blatant display of the fraudulent NAFC - C.C.D.C. designations. See the millions of dollars this cult drug rehab brings in.


Cheryl E Love
I'm very proud of Jason for speaking out. He is a very courageous young man! :yes:


Great job, Jason! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank you for speaking out, and for bringing all the documents, too.

Thanks to you too, David, for all you do and for staying on Narconon case after case, and always being there to help the victims. You're aces. :thumbsup: