Former Narconon Staff Speaks Out!

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Statement from former Narconon staff.
It is too large to post here, check this thread on a.r.s. and here's a little:

I post this anonymously because of actual threats I have received from former bosses and die-hard Scientologists at the Narconon facility I used to work at. Narconon is a scam run by the Co$ to raise money and manipulate and take advantage of desperate, easily-victimized drug addicts by subjecting them to basic Scientology teachings and getting them to join the Co$. Narconon claims to have a 80% success rate.

In the 7 months I was involved with one of 2 Narconon facilities in California, over 80 people attended and graduated from the program. I personally know that 71 of them relapsed. Many who relapse return to Narconon, where they are put on a degrading and punishing "ethics cycle" where they are forced to perform manual labor in order to "make up damage" to the Narconon facility and rejoin the group. Relapsed addicts who return are not only put to work, but subject to even more intense efforts to get them to join the Co$ and be brainwashed by the Narconon "counselors".

The facility, only licensed for a little over 32 patients by the State of California, had almost 50 because of all the relapsed graduates who returned. The facility was overcrowded and in violation of fire and health codes. Pressed for time, the kitchen staff would defrost meat in the bathtubs while the bathroom was still in use by students. Whole rooms had nothing in them but beds from wall to wall, cramming students in.

There was minimal staff supervision because staff members were totally outnumbered. On-site drug use was rampant and students were constantly getting high in the facility or in the surrounding neighborhood after escaping unnoticed. The safety and well being of students was endangered when non-commercially licensed and uninsured staff members would drive students around in uninsured facility automobiles for program-sponsored events. To deal with the lack of space at the actual facility, students were placed in temporarily rented apartments that were far from staff supervision (2 of these apartments being several miles away from the actual facility). State authorities were unaware of these ad-hoc facilities and no license had been granted for them.

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A parent's story on Narconon

(Too large to paste here, check the link.)

*Late November, 2007*
Looking for a drug rehab for my son, I found Narconon Stone Hawk on the Internet, and contacted the owner, Per Wickstrom. My wife and I don't have a lot of money; we couldn't afford Narconon's steep price. But Per had a solution: he took our financial information, and submitted credit card applications for us with Discover Card, Chase, and Bank of America (for an American Express card). Discover Card turned us down, but we got a $20,000 line of credit from Bank of America. This was just enough to cover the combined cost of Narconon plus another company that works with them, Intervention Services and
Technologies. The $20K total is less than what Narconon normally charges, but it was all the credit card company would loan us, and Per was willing to take what he could get.

*December 28, 2007*
On December 2 we took our son to Narconon Stone Hawk in Albion Michigan, at 12:30pm. He called on Dec. 5 and begged me to please look more closely at this place. He told me to look on Google. I told him I would. By 3:00 am on December 6th we were on our way to pick him up from Stone Hawk.


*January 14, 2008*
Per Wickstrom called Saturday in response to the letter I sent him asking for a refund. We weren't home at the time and he left a message that I was welcome to call him back. Today I called while on my lunch break.

He started off defending his program. I had mentioned the Scientology practices in my letter, and he tried to make it clear that they do not use Scientology. I told him that we did some research and found some things that scared us. His response to that was "do you believe everything you see on the internet?" He went on and suggested I "look at the Catholic religion. They are all pedifiles. Don't you agree that you would not go to another Catholic Church after reading this?" I replied with "no because I know that they are not all that way". We went back and forth for about 10 min. Then I mentioned the Vince Daniels radio program. He asked if I had talked to Vince. He said Vince was fired for falsifying information on the Internet. I don't know if this is true or not, but he became more argumentative from this point on.

A lot more was said, but it was mainly Per defending his position as a "business man" and what would I do if I were in his postion. He also kept bringing up the contract that we signed. He stated that according to the contract, he doesn't owe us a penny. I aggreed with that, but since Chris was only there for less than 4 days I didn't feel he could justify keeping all the money. His response was that "he has an open bed for Chris, and he has alot of money invested for Chris. When Chris slips and starts using again, we can bring him back and put him back in the program and pay the remaining $15,000". I wanted to laugh. I told him that Chris would not come back there.


Still raging

Jesus, I had never looked into Narcaon, just heard all the bull**** pr, being out of COS I should ha guessed that it would run along the exact same corny lines as any 'Church' of $cientology.

Thanks for posting these, Free, very informative.


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Jesus, I had never looked into Narcaon, just heard all the bull**** pr, being out of COS I should ha guessed that it would run along the exact same corny lines as any 'Church' of $cientology.

Thanks for posting these, Free, very informative.


ooooh some ways it's worse because they are dealing with very desperate families. Heartbreaking stuff. I'll look for some more info.

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If you have been to any of the ghettos where narconons exist, including Indian Territories, the price is so high it is called "The white man's program".

I found out because I have black friends in South Central L.A..

What about exchange?

Why demand money for nothing in exchange?

Yet Delphi schools will do it for a semester when a student leaves early or gets kicked out (they demand full tuition even if they do not deliver an education), and Narconon is on the bandwagon now.

I found out when I convinced a relative to send her daughter there for a year and the daughter was kicked out after three days for smoking pot and the school refused to refund any tuition. Great PR huh? No exchange but they kept a full year tuition. Exchange policies are forgotten quickly when they do not benefit cash bills stats!

O.K., so the CofS Internal Revenue Services such as ABLE WISE etc etc have gone in to "wog business practices" when it is profitable for them and become "Scientologists" when it is not.

What do you expect from intelligent people?

Take the motion that comes in and use it win, that is the motto.

50% OR more OF SCIENTOLOGISTS work on a G.I. stat.

That's O.K . with me.

What isn't is that the profit NEVER get's shared by those who create it!

We are dealing with "Earth People" here.

Pull yourselves together at the results.


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That’s always been the truth about the grand oneself. When one pops out of their you-niverse inside the box called scientology and enters out into the 'Multiverse', one begins to realize that we’re all part of the grand oneself we once forgot about on the road to becoming humans!

Me always did lovs your eternal presence and your experiences gained along the way!!