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Former non-Sea Org FBO Admin at OCORG in 1986


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I was the former FBO Admin at OC Org (basically meant I was paid nothing to work 8 hours a day, take my own car up to the "Blue Building" to drop off and pick up paperwork usually during evening rush hour...or call "deadbeats" that did not pay up on their "donations").

My first intro to SCN was reading Dianetics, filling out the post card in the book for "more information" and being invited to the Grand Hotel across from Disneyland around Christmas for a "hard sell", then invited the next day to CCINT to have a free meal, take a free ARC Intro course, and try to get me to go on staff.

The day after that I was invited to OCORG in Tustin, did the IQ test (lowest score I ever had on an IQ test), the OCA, every Intro film they had on those big "8 Track" type cartridges. The "public recruiter" went home, so the Sea Org recruiters grabbed me and kept me in a room for 8 hours (it was after dawn after they ran down their entire questionnaire and when I said I needed TIME to decide if I would sign the "billion year contract" they gave me MEST double talk so I did not need to think about it...I had to sign it in order to leave).

Then with no sleep I met with the OC Org FBO and was made her admin after I met with the ED, John Woodruff.

After a month with no pay, and processing everyone else's pay (John Wodruff made "5 figures" each week I was there)...and with some medical problems I quit.

In my time there, I did The Student Hat, Staff Status 0, and was fully Hatted to FBO Admin. I also had 4 Auditing Intensives of 12.5 hours each, not counting SecChecks a few times a week (I refused to work more than 9am-5pm, I would do my deliveries to the "blue building" in a very LONG ROUNDABOUT way to Anaheim Hills where I lived, and I would not work weekends).

So other than my time and the cost of Book One, and some gasoline I never paid a penny into SCN.

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