Former Scientologists urged to speak out


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I am sooo sorry Tarvuist:bigcry:

I wrote the Senator last night. Today I had a nap and a nightmare about being harrassed by the CO$.

So I wrote the PM, and included my nightmare and asked him to protect the right for citizens to be able to speak out without fear of reprisal.

Sent my own little missive to the PM, the M and cc'd Xenophon. Thanks Carmel.

Dear Sir,

I support an inquiry in the religious status of Scientology.

My wife took her life after receiving counseling from the Church of Scientology.

Having spent her inheritance ($90,000 US) for counseling and suffering with a serious medical condition she ended her life.

The Church of Scientology supported her in this decision.

I do not support Scientology's claim of religious status.


A. Citizen

Political action on scientology..NOW..sounds about right.:yes:


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I have emailed PM and the mighty Xenophon. Also made a comment on a news site, but have lost track of where that was. Too much excitement! Carmel et al, I hope you are managing to get some rest/sleep. My gratitude to you and admiration for you is immense. You have demonstrated the way to be effective and get action. Please keep telling us what we can do to help