Fox News Live Stream NOW- Narconon Exposed - Attorney and 2 Family members


Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
CoolHand wrote on Tony O's blog yesterday:
By the way, Fox23 in Tulsa aired a 2-part investigative piece on Arrowhead last night, but failed to put it up online. A former security officer for Arrowhead randomly contacted me and said he saw it.

Yes, and t was supposed to be streamed live... I posted in advance all over the place, but they never streamed the show. ( sorry readers.. much disappointment :ohmy: ) But the good thing is that they do now have the nearly 4 minutes of the show in a separate video up now. Good work, Lucas! And hugs to Robert and Tonya, Stacy's mom and dad, and dear Shirley, Gabe 's mom. This was an important report well worth watching!


Looking forward to Part II!