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France: Scientology aiming to build a blacklist of judges

Discussion in 'France and Belgium' started by mnql1, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. mnql1

    mnql1 Patron Meritorious

    Translation of a French article published in the February 20, 2014 edition (issue 2572) of the weekly newsmagazine Le Nouvel Observateur (snapshot below; text available online at this link: Des scientologues chez les magistrats)
    Related thread, May 2, 2012: France: Scientologists protest "indoctrination of judges"

    Related article by Jonny Jacobsen, May 24, 2012: Scientology is arguing that the magistrate who prepared the organised fraud case against it was “indoctrinated”: the latest in a series of bids to get its conviction overturned.

    Snapshot of the February 20, 2014 edition (issue 2572) of Le Nouvel Observateur, page 77:
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  2. JBWriter

    JBWriter Happy Sapien

    Excerpt from above:


    I'd LOVE to see a similar educational program offered to attorneys/prosecutors/judges here in the US.

  3. Lamb

    Lamb Patron with Honors

    I like the current trend of FAIL that the cult has going on world wide:yes:!