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Fraud Lawsuit ~ most significant lawsuit in history.

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When Debbie Cook's lawsuit hit the stands...it was settled in a few months and she was Gagged $$$.

The Luis Garcia FRAUD lawsuit started in January and we have not heard one word. I sure hope Luis Garcia will fight and not get bought off! I believe the attorney, Theodore Babbitt, is very smart - going after their crimes!

Anyone have any information about the status? I tried looking up the case on the net but you have to pay to get information from the Tampa courts. Just wondering if anyone knows anything.

This is a very significant case for us SP's - the court case is not attacking Scientology's religious status and in fact, states so in the suit.

They are attacking the truth - that Scientology has committed fraud for a very long time and needs to take responsibility. I think if Luis can hang in there - this will change the Operating Basis of the criminal organization forever. The church will be forced to give money back when requested and will have to pay people back for IAS and Super Power donations due to lying, lying, lying!!

The Church of Scientology is telling their members that this lawsuit is attacking their religious status so they can get money out of them to "defend the church". They are hiring "critics" to come in and do interviews so that the members can state they have never been harassed. Isn't that funny? Asking "members" if they have not been attacked or harassed...:whistling:

A real CRITIC would not take money from anyone and would LOOK at everything and everyone ever involved with the cult to have a balanced view! That is the "science" of common sense.

some friends recently told the Church of Scientology they will not be coming back and they would like their money back - the Church Sea Org members said "well, you know what you have to do to get a refund"...."by the way, how about donating that $50,000 to the IAS! That way you can help keep "Criminology" working!

Help?:whistling: Help pay the lawyers for the cult to stop you from receiving a refund! What a criminal organization!!