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Patron with Honors
I am afraid that if I start talking here I may never stop.

My entire family and many, many friends have been utterly and completely destroyed.

In or out -only to die of broken hearts, cancers, and suicides.

Betrayed when we were loyal, philanthropic, compassionate, spiritual thinkers, university grads, rich in ability and property, full of love for our fellow man and the desire to make a difference in the world.

We came, had a blast, the screws were tightened, signed contracts, slept on floors, were enslaved, coerced into abortions, gave all of our money, time, energy, youth, some of our children, lost everything, lost most of our friends, first going in, then hundreds upon coming out.

LRH lied. All the nasty stuff Marty pontificates about being 'only dm' started with LRH. From the top down baby! I want Marty to convince many thousands to leave to get good tech (Yeah, right) so they can read the truth on the web and have their final EP: "LRH was a lying, thieving, charming psychopath. He took some good stuff from many others, and used it to enslave us all, used me, stole my money, and betrayed me in the deepest, most primal kind of way. O! I AM FINALLY FREE! "

And poof* off they go through the exit door to find love, sunshine, kindness, lack of 2 pm deadlines, freedom to think, speak, drink, laugh, make up their own minds, make love, and do whatever they want to do, anytime, anywhere. This is my wish for anyone who is reading this.

My other wish is to help you understand how such good people can be duped into this cult. How the walls can close in while you're thinking you're in THE elite group to really help people and the truth gets hidden away in the shadows while they slip their hands in your pockets to steal your money, your private information, and rape your mind until your soul is blackened and besmirched.

You cannot believe how you could have ever been so deep in the bullshit. You are amazed that the entire Bridge to OT..... is really Oblivious To reality...The bridge to No Where.
You are NOT OT. You are human, fragile, and like a newborn baby you begin to find where you can now fit in THE REAL WORLD. You miss your friends but know you can make more. You miss your money and hope you are marketable after being in a closed culty mindset for years if not decades. You think you are strong but know you are also weak.

We are here. We care. We bleed for you. We will also laugh with you and hold your hand while you shiver into the new you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of the Warriors, anonymous and otherwise who have had the courage to stand up, speak out, take the heat and pass the torch. You are my heroes and pave the way for us to be reborn into the real world. Rest in peace to those who have gone before us. We will not forget. We love you and miss you. After the lights go out on The Truman Show we may forgive those of you who perpetuate the hoax. That could be our true definition of OT= Forgiveness and the ability to love you anyway.

Love is it. The rest is just words or distraction.

Please liberate the cultist with your kindness as they are well meaning souls who were forced into hard labor, horribly duped and we can only hope they were only partially destroyed. If you were thinking of venturing out of the darkest of nights to wake up from a horrible life in a mind bending , terrible mind bending killer cult; compassion and a listening ear could be the very thing that sets you free. You have the right to practice what works for you, whatever that is, as long as it does not harm others in the name of religion or any other name. First- Do not harm.

There are people at the top who have evil in their dark souls, the little greedy Gollums that they are. I hope they wake up soon and take their just deserts like men. I'd buy a roadside ticket for that, wouldn't you?

Mark Bunker will not need our $ assistance forever, although for now he does- to complete the full length expose. I will be buying popcorn for my friends when the movie comes out.

Wishing you peace and serendipity,