Freeloader Debt - I'm not seeing much about this topic lately


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I'm curious whether anyone has had a collection account placed against their credit for Freeloader Debt? Is it something that is enforceable like that? That would truly give them the power to trash someone's credit. Eventually (after several years) things like credit scores etc would go back up but it can cause major havoc if they did this....I hope I'm not giving anyone any ideas!! :duh:

Since 1978, I have never heard of this happening with a F/L debt, even with declared Suppressive Persons. I suspect that the orgs have a natural reticence to involve the "wog" legal system in their internal chicanery. They also have been known to not report spousal abuse, child neglect and sexual predators to proper authorities and go out of their way to not accept any US Mail that requires a signature. Go figure.

So no, your credit is more likely to be wrecked by the overwhelming number of credit cards and ill-advised loans you will be coerced into taking on in order to go up the Bridge(tm).

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Thanks for the links to the various other threads. I was prompted to post my question as I hadn't seen much media attention on this particular facet of abuse of Scientologists in the current media firestorm.