Freewheeling and Mrs. Hulswit (Source: LRH)


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The above term was developed within the original Dianetic movement of 1950 *


We're going back to "source" here, as is advocated for anyone seeking the truth by L Ron Hubbard himself. Within the long-suppressed "Appendix Two" of LRH's original 1951 edition of "Science of Survival," credit was extended to a number of original Dianetics contributors, whose names have since been stripped from succeeding editions of this "basic" book of teaching from the Church of Scientology.

Mrs Hulswit

In this thread we note the contribution and background of a "Mrs Hulswit" as her name was given in that text. She was credited for provision of a combination of substances, including stimulants like benzedrine in the form of a compound named "GUK," which were said to help practicioners reach a Dianetic "reverie" said to be required to advance their mental healing processes.

A Lost Text?

Regarding "Freewheeling" in Science of Survival, pages 308 and 309 from the (rare) first edition state:

Another significant technique which is of definite value but is not at this time included in Standard Procedure is called Automatic Running or Free Wheeling. Great hope was held for Free Wheeling, but it does not produce as much as it should. It is a strange phenomenon, discovered by Mrs. Hulswit, that the pre-clear can be put upon the couch and told "The file clerk will furnish engrams, and the somatic strip will continue to run engrams, until all engrams are run." The somatic strip and file clerk will then go to work regardless of what the pre-clear is doing or saying, even though the pre-clear was not in a state of trance or any unnatural state when the command was given.
He will go about in present time running somatics, sunburns, fevers and other past injuries. This does have the effect of considerably reducing the intensity of many somatics on a case and really will improve the case, but when it is used on low-tone cases, groupers and occasionally triggered, or the individual falls into a holder, and somebody else may attempt to get him to repeat the holder in order to free him, and so he will become hopelessly entangled on his time track.
Out of this technique, however, and that is the study of nutrition in its application to processing. It has been discovered that an extremely heavy vitamin intake, such as vast amounts, as much as fifty grains, of glutamic acid, and a heavy but balanced intake of vitamins which are carefully selected so as not to include vitamins which taken in overdose are toxic, permits engrams to be run with greater ease.
This booster is known as GUK. GUK can be greatly overestimated in its value to a case. A person who is put on free wheeling and GUK will run his somatics much more strongly, however, and a case which is audited under GUK runs much better. Thus, the value of GUK can be underestimated. Although such high hopes were held for GUK at first that many were disappointed when it failed to clear a case in twenty-four hours and it was somewhat rejected, additional testing indicates that heavy circuit engrams will reduce under GUK when they will not reduce without GUK.
This is not to prescribe GUK for pre-clears but only to offer the results of research experiments in the field of nutrition. As has been said, cases which eat only coffee and sandwiches will shortly become very poor pre-clears. Cases with generally poor nutrition and, specifically, a lack of vitamin B1 will soon fail to boil-off or yawn off anaten. Evidently good nutrition is necessary for the chemical conversion of enMEST.
Cases, for instance, which are run without ten to thirty milligrams of B1 per day, and with that a balanced vitamin ration, may after a while begin to have nightmares and exhibit the symptoms of mild delerium tremens, which are immediately remedied upon the administration of B1. Heavy doses of niacin, which were though by biochemists in the past to merely produce a flush, evidently restimulate old sunburns when a case is free wheeling, for after the sunburns are run out of a case no amount of niacin will produce a flush.
Elements of the "purification rundown" and the "Narconon" program, which are current Scientology practices to this day, appear to have originated here. But in the years since 1951 "evil transcriptionists," as described by church leader David Miscavige, said to be trying to deny mankind his only hope for survival, apparently edited this and other sections out from reprints of "Science of Survival."


(*This was long before the term "freewheeling" was co-opted by Columbia Records for Bob Dylan, and by Franklin of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers)

The next post will focus on the rather unique background of "Mrs Hulswit"
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Frank T. Hulswit, died on the morning of April 2nd, 1933, after falling from a 5th floor window of the Hotel Astoria in New York City, reportedly while trying to fix a radio wire at 2AM. He was noted for his term as President of the United Light and Power Company and relationships with American Commonwealths Power Corporation and other utilities as a financier. He had made a great "come back" in his personal wealth after losing about $10 million on his own in the stock market in the 1920's.

Mrs. Hulswit married one of the sons who survived him, a head of a major utility company himself, and they resided in the Hudson River Valley of upstate New York. Mrs. Hulswit preferred to use her married name when cited in press accounts of the time.

The Women's Rebellion of 1938

Mrs. Hulswit was most noted for her initiation and management of a "Women's Rebellion" in 1938, which opposed increases in federal spending for the "New Deal" programs of the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

As an initial April 29, 1938 press release put it:
"Two housewives of this town (Suffern, NY), Mrs. C. Bispham, wife of the Rector of the Christ Protestant Episcopal Church,
and Mrs. C. Hulswit, whose husband is head of the Rockland Gas Company, believe that the government is spending too much money.
Determined to do something about it, they started a revolt among the women of this town which is fast spreading far beyond its borders.
They had 10,000 handbills printed calling on women to demand of their Congressmen that they 'reduce government expenditures, oppose
further pump-priming, keep our children's future unmortgaged and give us all a chance to save ourselves.' They have had more handbills
printed to meet the growing demand. Mrs. Bispham's husband has been practically driven out of the rectory by the reporters and
cameramen who have swarmed in to see his wife."

Above: Mrs. Hulswit is shown as she talked to reporters on April 28, 1938

Mr. Bispham reportedly suffered a heart attack and died the following year.
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Publicity Campaign

The "Women's Rebellion" of 1938 was included press releases, visits to almhouses, inquiries on surplus food programs, and pressure on Congress.
News coverage from that time appears to have been quite skeptical.

Mrs. Hulswit testified before a Senate appropriations committee in May 1938, then claimed that her words within the transcript had been altered (a charge denied by the committee clerk).

The movement was attacked by rival women's groups of New York City, and its first casaulty was co-founder Mrs. Bispham, who dropped out by June 1st 1938.

Mrs. Hulswit then went on to expand her campaign with an intention to defeat Congressmen who voted for what she called a "pump priming" bill, by naming its own slate of anti-New Deal candidates for the Fall 1938 ballot.

Prioritization of Rights

Mrs Hulswit may have gone too far, when she planned a drive to disenfranchise relief recipients in states that had pauper voting laws, such as in New Jersey. "Crusading to bar persons on relief from voting" was a description blared in the headlines. Mrs. Hulswit was quoted as explaining that she and her colleagues were concerned that if millions of relief recipients continued to vote, they would perpetuate themselves "and there would never be an end to the depression."

Her fear-based proposals to restrict rights for the less-fortunate, drew a rebuke from President FDR himself. The last news mention of the "Women's Rebellion" was in October 1938 papers.

Did this have an influence on the Dianetics movement, or the Church of Scientology itself? Mrs. Hulswit was present at the earliest phase of the Dianetics Foundation in the East, and was an experienced organizer who worked through publicity in the press, which was a tactic also utilized at that time by LRH. Some of what Mrs. Hulswit proposed in 1938, which could be considered borderline-fascist nowadays, is reflected by the present-day statements from Scientology and its subsidiary groups like ABLE, which prioritize a "greater good" of rights and prosperity for working persons in society above that of others who require assistance.

(Additional connections of significance of Mrs. Hulswit to Dianetics, will appear soon).
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