Freewinds refit in Colombia?

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Original story: La nave del asbesto

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The asbestos ship

In April 2008, the sumptuous passenger ship 'Freewinds' was undergoing parts in Curacao when found to contain blue asbestos in its structure, a highly dangerous material, banned in the countries of the civilized world to be causing cancer. Immediately, the port authorities of the island ordered to stop the works, before the imminent threat that existed for 240 Polish workers.

Already there were voices warning about the danger posed by the ship, used as a traveling school by the controversial Church of Scientology. Lawrence Woodcraft, an architect who until 1987 had belonged to that sect having previously directed renovations in the same boat, reported in 2001 the very high risks arising from asbestos and noted the indifference of the authorities of the church before this incontrovertible reality.

As to what happened in Curacao are fragmentary versions. He said that, after quarantine, the Curaçao Drydock Company attempted to resume work, but the pollution was so expanded, that this company decided not to risk their local workers. So, Scientology staff decided to send his private force, called the 'Sea Org' and they are trained to collect and then dump the material and leave the boat Selikor supposedly free of asbestos. But that did not convince Woodcraft, who said: "I just do not see how they could achieve if the material is everywhere, even in cracks under the paint.

So, and after the scandal of Curacao, where did stop the 'Freewinds'? What country naively welcomes him to the comprehensive renovation that brought us out of Curacao to 240 Poles as souls in hell?

Well, of course, always cordial Colombia.

Earlier this year, the newspaper El Universal in Cartagena publishes the news that the 'Freewinds' is in town for water repairs. The best style of all vainglory Third, the architect of the work ensures that for Colombia is proud that the work was made here, being invested four million dollars and about 500 domestic workers benefit from the great snack. For nowhere mentions the church of Scientology, which leaves the idea that a cruise ship is like many who walk the world.

I revamped the 'Freewinds' has resumed his duties as a school ship, which uses port Cartagena as preferential. It is undoubtedly offensive mainstay of Scientology to join Colombia, a country where no one has questioned the sensitive issues like that now is in the midst of a sensational trial in France.

Anchored in the port of Cartagena, the ship often receives visitors Colombians, many of whom arrive there before the promise of a "course", with which they can overcome any personal problems they are facing. Once inside, they see the luxuries, the cult figure of the church leader, L. Ron Hubbard, the pictures of Tom Cruise, the 'T' capital everywhere, they realize what they have set.

But, beyond all questions that make it globally to Scientology doctrine, must necessarily raise doubts about the enormous health risk that is in Cartagena, the vessel's presence, however it may cause an aggressive asbestos cancer called mesothelioma.

The fact that nobody in town is aware of the black legend of the 'Freewinds' is entirely consistent with the position of Scientologists, who have never accepted the problem, often with the argument that if Hubbard had not referred to asbestos, then there is nothing to worry about.

Regrettable that no authority has been alerted, or that the Dimar has investigated thoroughly, as it did in Curacao. In the final analysis, what is at stake is the health of 500 workers in this forsaken country.

Ernesto McCausland

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