French appeals court upheld the Church of Scientology’s 2009 fraud conviction


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Re: French Court Labels Scientology a Fraud

What I like best is this from the same article.

"The victims will get reparations, and the ruling shows Scientology under a new light, exposing its systematic use of illegal practices."


A French court has slapped a fraud sentence on the Church of Scientology, saying it targets vulnerable people for commercial gain.

The ruling is a major setback for Scientologists in France, and it marks the first time here that the Church of Scientology has been convicted of organised fraud......(full story at link)

Predictably, Scientologists tried to handle it by lying, lying, lying.

Here's one of those hilariously entertaining lies....


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Re: French Court Labels Scientology a Fraud

Love this part from the news report . . .

" . . . The court found that Scientology offers "free personality tests which delivered negative results to disturb people and convince them of the need to seek cures."

Recruits are then given "new tests, which again delivered negative results," in order to get recruits to buy more courses, stated the ruling . . . "

. . . the dissemination patter laid bare, the previously disguised entrance that leads into the labyrinth exposed. Not for the first time, mind you, but again, in a "new unit of time" by a credible authority suitable for repeated citing.

Vous remercie beaucoup mes amis. Viva la France!!


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The wonderful Infinite Complacency blog makes mention of . . .

. . . It also upheld convictions for organised fraud and charges relating to the illegal practice of pharmacy against five Scientologists, increasing the sentences against two of the appellants . . .

. . . considering that these crimes were being run from Scientology's "Celebrity Centre", I wonder what the implications might be for the international celebs. Generally speaking, these people like to take great care of themselves. With this conviction in regard to what, I presume, is the so-called Purification Run-Down its hardly a ringing endorsement for subjecting oneself to process. And, as we know, celebs do tend to be trend setters.


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