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Aha, it must have been NEPUK, didnt know such a thing existed. I knew her when she was still in HCO FLUK many years ago, then bumped into her in FLEU not sure what she was doing there. Glad she's not in charge of NEPInt that would be about ultimate stress, getting hot breath straight from DM!:omg:

Yes, indeed, nogt a pleasant placde to be with this basics evolution. Maggie was the CO CMO EU for a while in the 1990's. This unit was then disbanded and she went to the UK. I think her husband was assigned to the RPF in the UK and she managed to get over there at least. I really like her much, hope she gets a way out soon.:unsure:


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Hi I am bumping this to see if there is anyone else in the meantime.... still looking for friends from CLO EU and AOSH EU that now may enjoy the same freedom and happiness I found, outside of the SO......:coolwink:

And also:

my mother is selling her Mark VII and a Mark Super VII Quantum for
half their asking price. If you are interested or know somone who is
interested, please let me know.


The "Franz" may be problematical - its 27 years since I was there.. but the Schumacher is definite. Gail and eva Boyd were the two little regges - and I mean little!

I think Gail works with Arnold Hermann and his wife. Arnold, his ex-wife Silvie and his then-wife Sarah (an exMunic org reg) were setting up Rons Orgs together with Bill robertson and Maria Maloney. They stopped a while after Bill died and then had a business in the US or in Switzerland.
Re: friends from Europe/Achim Bendig


I am looking for Achim Bendig. The mailadress that was posted years ago is not working any more. I look for him in a personal matter. Have a question about a fried who left and I am looking for.
Annybody know if he has a new mail address ?

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Hi Petra,

I am not sure if know each other, I was at CLO EU from 1996 till 2006.

I know that Karin Glöckler is out.

If you like send me a PM.



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I surely do not remember Achim owning two porsches or a cleaning company, When I first met him he was D/ED Stuttgart Mission IIRC he made his money from reg commissions - especially helping the FSCs and Flag Regges. The only Porsche at Stuttgart was owned, I think, by Andreas and Kai Barre almost got himself killed in it when he hit a deer on the autobahn.

Oh yes I remember Kai Barre - a heartless registrar only looking for his own advantage.

As far as I know he is still connected to Stuttgart Org.



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Well I can't say for sure on that - when I knew Achim he was staff at Stuttgart Mission. When did he say he opened the 12 missions? He was Stuttgart Staff and they did not open any missions then he was dragooned into the SO - to be frank I am very very surprised he has lasted as long as he has.

I think that Achim is using some hyperbole in his story telling but it is true that he and Andreas Ostertag and some others ran a very successful mission for a long time. Andreas' death was a tragedy and the Finanace Police followed it up.

One of the Missions which were "opened" during that time period was Mission Ulm.

It was my father who "opened" it - 1976 or 77 - of course he was in contact with Stuttgart but he founded the Mission on his own with the help of his family (wife and children) and some fanatic young people - it was first located in the Zeitblohmstrasse then they moved out of town to a little village called Unterelchingen. It still was there in the first weeks of my time as a staff member in Spring 1982 In November 1983 it was located in the "Neue Strasse" in Ulm and in the "Hirschstrasse".

In 1976 my family used to spend almost every weekend in Stuttgart Org. 11 years young I had to do TRs all day long, we helped to distribute the OCA - Test in Stuttgart, we helped to print the Test formulars (with Albert Einstein on it - "Wir nutzen nur 10 % unseres Verstandes...") and we children were used to bind the Communication course materials in the printing room which was located right beneath the entrance area of the old building where the stuttgart "Dianetik Center" was located then.

I knew Achim, Andreas Ostertag, Sibille Wahl, Jochen Wahl, Roswitha Gratz (later ED Ulm)......



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Does anyone know about the following people:

Jean-Pascal Robin
Janine Kuenzli
Margitta Pozzi
Massimo Pozzi
Brigitte Wilms
Michael Klinger



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hey..are there any threads that are separated in countries?? I would also like to know, if i'm the only german ex member or how many are already out there?
Sometimes this ex-member-being seems quite lonely in comparison on the "fun" the members have...we all know it's better to be free, but sometimes i'm thinking about searching sb to talk to, who can really understand what i've been through. :grouphug: