Friends of Jenna Elfman have been Declared Suppressive Persons by Scientology


Work Hard and Bray


Dear Jenna,

I know you are in "power" and "in-ethics"; and, I know--

--you are a "big being" that does not want to "validate" any "counter-intentioned" "DBs" or "SPs".
--you have disconnected from your best friend without allowing her the chance to even say anything.
--your best friend spent over a million dollars to receive the most standard auditing in the world, yet she turned into an SP.
--your best friend never exhibited any signs of being an SP, otherwise you wouldn't have hung out with her all those years, right?
--your best friend helped the COS with lavishly generous donations and even paid for a mission to open up. That doesn't sound like an SP either, does it?
--your best friend's only "crime" is that she merely attempted to "upbraid" others because of "no results". That's what Ron said is supposed to happen, right?
--where did Ron say you should attack and disconnect and declare SP someone who "upbraids" another? Aren't you "upbraiding" your best friend right now in your thoughts, conversations and actions? Should you be declared, Jenna?
--when did you start acting like a fanatically imperious asshole? Let's try to date/locate that, okay?

It's been fun talking to you Jenna. I have enjoyed the conversation since you first stood on a street corner and screamed (at someone you thought was wearing an SP t-shirt) "HAVE YOU RAPED BABIES?!!!!!" That was really KSW, we all admired that greatly.

Best Regards,


ps: The day is coming soon when the COS is going to attack you. And they are going to Declare you an SP too! Then you will start crying and thinks it's all so so so unfair, right? Because they did it to YOU, instead of some other DB without the rank, right? It's coming, Jenna. It comes for the best and it comes for the rest. The internet is patiently here, waiting for you to figure out that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is destroyed in the cult's destructive wake. You'll figure it out eventually, but if you want to avoid more years of turmoil and tragedy, try reading the internet right now. You're "totally free" so you can do that, right?

"It comes for the best and it comes for the rest. The internet is patiently here, waiting for you. . . "

I can't help bumping such a helpful and theta post.

Indeed, such an example of mere humans reaching out to other humans reminds me of Faulkner's famous Noble prize speech quote that mankind will "not merely endure: he will prevail."