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That post from Sis O'Sign (should I stay or should I go now) is over 2 years old, Mary. She's been MIA from ESMB for a long time.

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I received several "facebook police" demands that I disconnect from Debbie Cook, Mark Headley and some other local SP's - I disconnected from them instead - and I was kind of IN but on my way OUT - they helped! Thanks Facebook Police!! You helped me see just WHAT scientology really was. I was told by the staff that the church of Scientology does not practice disconnection anymore! :whistling: You helped me see the truth.

There are more SP's being produced by the Church of Scientology than Clears and OT's....:whistling:


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Did I get your name wrong?:unsure:

Did you change it...?

You are good, Kev!

Andrei is my legal name and I'm sticking with it.

I started new FB account a while back.
And failed to inform many good people.
My apologies to all.

Thank you. Again. :coolwink:

P.S. Jeanie Sonenfild once called me Andrew Bloody Organ,
which sounds a lot worse than Kevin Bloody Mackey. :biggrin:

Cheers! :)