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Hi Guys,

I was just talking to Carmel who was about to go into watch the sitting of Parliament in which Senator Xenophon will again raise the issue of the senate enquiry into Scientology.

She feels that the vote will not go our way again today but it is far from bleak in Canberra.

There are about a dozen of them there all talking with Senators and media and it has been a very very positive morning. Another "no" vote will just strengthen the public opinion against and harden the backlash on Scientology.

This is a process and it is not complete. Don't be too upset today when the news comes out that it has been voted down again. What you probably won't hear on the news is the very positive affect these exes are having in Canberra over the last few days.

This aint over. Not by a long shot.

This is a rushed post and not proof read. Apologies if its been posted before and for typos.


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WUT!? - We certainly do need to be totally too upset if the vote is no! - It's an essential part of the PR product! - All together now! - Be absolutely outraged and spitting mad as hell about that vote!



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That sounds really good. The purpose of the exes being there is to speak with Senators and media and that's what happening, so all good. Thank you again all you brave souls who are there for us.


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Thanks for the update, Emma, and thanks to all in Canberra who have made the effort to talk to Senators and media. :thumbsup:

It is very good to know that another "no" vote will not be the end of the matter.


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Thank you, Emma.

I'm hanging out for the outcome, but everyone must still be in the Senate. I can't get through to Pyro, who's there with the exes.


Many thanks to all you exes speaking on all our behalf. It doesn't matter whether it's a yes or no at this point.

We aren't going away.

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Thanks for that Emma ... it is good to get this warning and reminder that it IS a process that will be won in the end, by public opinion.

A fantastic start has been made and regardless of how it goes today ... we are well on the road to the ultimate WIN!



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This is not over. The next vote will be in May.

Scientology inquiry fails again
By online political correspondent Emma Rodgers

Updated 1 hour 16 minutes ago

The Government and Opposition have again blocked Independent Senator Nick Xenophon's moves for a Senate inquiry into the Church of Scientology.

But the failed motion has not deterred Senator Xenophon's desire to probe the church's activities and he will move another motion when Parliament sits in May.

Senator Xenophon wanted the Senate to examine whether the criminal code is adequate to deal with allegations of abuse and harassment made by former church members.

He also wanted the inquiry to consider the adequacy of labour laws and occupational health and safety rules for those working for the church.

"This is about law reform, about the protection we need to give to individuals who are caught up in an organisation that acts unconscionably," he said...


Thank you, Emma.

I'm hanging out for the outcome, but everyone must still be in the Senate. I can't get through to Pyro, who's there with the exes.

We could not have the phone on in question time.

Meeting Xenophon, was a true highlight.


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More press for us, more outrage against the cult and now the gutless politicians - wins all 'round.:happydance:

Only downside is writing more letters to politicians.:melodramatic:

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Thanks to all that participated in this round of "Wake The Flock Up, Australia!", it won't be too much longer now.
Now, where's the damn alarm-clock smilie?