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I want to sincerely thank the person who donated the hosting fees. I am honestly very thankful. I contribute to threads on several subjects (e.g., the Nation of Islam, NOI Minister Tony Muhammad, NOI Brother Rizza Islam, Joy Villa) where I believe the ability to have ongoing, well organized compilations of information is important. I also post here in order to provide linked information for my tweets on these subjects. It is embarrassing to say, but I'd be lost without ESMB. I honestly don't know how I'd start over, or if I would.
Thank you Mr/Ms anonymous!

I want the poop button back.

How about a Tone 40 ack button?
Personally I think a Holy Shit! button would be better than the poop button - if you want to poop on a thread, just gird your loins and post your spleen venting.

So, in that spirit:

Holy Shit! Secret donator, you're the best.



stubborn rebel sheep!
Much thanks to our benefactor in funding ESMB while giving a break to EMMA in all ways.

ESMB will remain a public service and will continue to help many people.
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