Funniest Gold Base raid ever


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As soon as my cats heard the organlike sound in the beginning of the video, whoooooosch - they disappeared, fast as hell into the next hidingplace!
:naughty: Don't you scare my cats, please !


It's some anons protesting Gold on a unicycle. lol It also zooms in on the razorwire placed on the INSIDE of the fence. Scary.

Corsa, that's the organ music the scilons play during protests. It's so annoying.


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Organ, but hardly music! - The Devils Tritone.. And the scilons play that same tritone without variation and at earsplitting volume there.

Hmm.. Someone knowledgeable about devilish music care to explain?

There's an 'netherworldy' ditty in Rolling Stones 'Sympathy For the devil' too... And I heard that 'ditty' in the computergame DooM (II) too!



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This video never fails to amuse me. Love these guys.:thumbsup:

The guy on the unicycle is Casper, a Los Angeles-based anon. Shortly after his triumph at Gold Base, he was protesting at the HGB in Hollywood when he was physically attacked by Sea Org member Gigi Scudarelli (who was put up to it by guard Andy Knapp).

Scio lawyer Rick Moxon recently attempted to force Casper into a deposition in a case he had nothing to do with (Moxon has a record of abusing legal process to pursue fishing expeditions for information). Casper ignored Moxon & the depo. The matter was dropped.

The other anon in the video is Hombre.