Garcia v Scientology - Federal Fraud Lawsuit - Pre-Trial Hearing - October 2013


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Tony Ortega, proprietor of The Underground Bunker, is reporting today from the federal courthouse in Tampa, Florida. :thumbsup:

Here's a link to the blog:

Greetings from Tampa, Florida, where we’re on the scene for an unusual and potentially very entertaining evidentiary hearing in a fraud lawsuit that’s been derailed by accusations of unethical conduct.

We’re anticipating that it will be a fairly grueling day for former Scientologist Brian Culkin as he’s probably going to be something of a hostile witness to both sides that want to question him today. And there’s a lot at stake — Scientology is asking the court to disqualify Ted Babbitt and Ron Weil, the attorneys for Luis and Rocio Garcia in their lawsuit that accuses the church of fraudulent behavior.

But first, we want to warn readers that we’re up against some difficult conditions today which will definitely affect our ability to provide live coverage. According to federal court rules, we can’t bring our equipment into the courtroom, and that means we’ll be dashing across the street to type up our handwritten notes at every break. That will likely result in long periods of inactivity punctuated by rapid updates, and we know that can be frustrating. But we’ll do our best to convey what’s happening so that you get a real sense of the action.


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Where did you find popcorn? There is none here in Texas... :p


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Wow, it is ALL happening right now. :drama:

And they fucked with the WRONG ONE when they fucked with Luis Garcia. They pushed him way too far trying to break up his marriage after all the money he gave.

Now he's all like, "I'm going to show YOU The Basics, Bitch."

(Spoken in the voice of Jesse Pinkman, from TV's Breaking Bad.)


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Cross-Posted from the Bunker:

Marc Headley2 hours ago
You can bet that there are a shit ton of scilons on here right now. There are people who were coerced into giving way more money than they could and those people are wishing they hadn't. When we left the International headquarters in 2005, scientology had taken in 1 billion dollars for services they had yet to deliver. They were in debt for 1 billion dollars worth of stuff they had gotten the money for, but never delivered a service for.

To then find out that your money is been pissed away on luxury trips, and extravagances by Dave Miscavige so he can pal around with his movie star buddy, that makes a person angry. When scilons get angry, they get on the internet, and when they get on the internet they find The Underground Bunker, and when they find the Underground Bunker they attack Scientology. A lot of you are thinking they should just get DirecTV, and avoid all this. You'd be partially right. Because then they could watch all the "entheta" that gets covered each week by major networks and cable channels.

Really, they should just do something to expose what happened to them and move on. Number of scilons defecting right now is at an all time high. You have Scilons at Starbucks and other places reading the Bunker every chance they get. I have talked to a lot of these scilons. They want to leave. They are worried about their families. The silly part is that the families want to leave as well.

I have told this to a lot of people that want to leave. As long as you think scientology has power over you - they do. As soon as you realize that they are a tiny insignificant little cult, their imagined power diminishes rapidly and you become the one with the stacked deck.

The more people that rise up against these criminals, the faster people will start getting their money back and the cult will be broke.
So to all those scilons reading this today, grow a pair and get your family out of this mess before they start passing out the Kool-Aid.

Anyways, I'm out of here for a while. Gonna jump in the shower and take a walk down to 801 N. Florida Ave, Tampa, and see if anything happening over at the Federal Courthouse. :coolwink:

Where's my Volunteer SP shirt?


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Can anyone recommend a good low calorie microwave popcorn. My ass is getting so big from all the popcorn I've been eating lately.


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This is good stuff. I wonder from what Marc Headley wrote if Garcia and Texas goes badly for the church will that be the tipping point for the current public. Might have to prepare for an influx of new Exes!


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Anyways, I'm out of here for a while. Gonna jump in the shower and take a walk down to 801 N. Florida Ave, Tampa, and see if anything happening over at the Federal Courthouse. :coolwink:

I stopped by the courthouse on the way to get coffee but didn't enter as I had a camera and cell phone with me, neither of which are permitted in that particular courthouse.

I did sit on the courthouse steps though for about 15 minutes and prayed to Lord Xenu .:coolwink:

And based upon what I'm reading in Tony O's updates my prayers seem to have been answered. :)

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Hey I'm liking this Judge Whittemore in Florida!!

Check out this "live post" from Tony O....

12:20 pm Judge James Whittemore has entered the courtroom, and he lets us all know right away that he is all business this morning.

“I have read everything you have submitted,” he says to both sides. “I don’t want a bunch of rhetoric. Keep your case succinct.”
At this point, before he starts to present the church’s case, Wally Pope asks to “invoke the rule” — in other words, ask potential witnesses to leave the room. A simple request, you’d think. But Whittemore challenges Pope on it. Which authority is he appealing to in order to remove witnesses.
Pope appears stunned. He indicates that he thought it was an assumed power.

Whittemore: “Well, we learn something everyday.”

Pope explains that he doesn’t want Mike Rinder and Robert Johnson — who have worked together on the Garcia team — to be in the room at the same time when they are testifying.
Whittemore is getting increasingly impatient. “What in the world do they not know about each other at this point,” he asks.
But Babbitt indicates that he has no injunction, and the judge relents, allowing the witnesses to leave.
But the Judge isn’t through setting a “tone,” as he calls it…


12:22 pm “Let me set a tone,” Whittemore says to both sides. “The burden on the defense is high,” he continues, and again says he wants no rhetoric. This isn’t a trial. There’s no jury to play to.
We’re only about five minutes into this thing and the situation seems pretty plain to us: Whittemore thinks the church’s case for kicking out these attorneys is a joke, but he’s going through the motions of an evidentiary hearing in order to fend off an appeal. And he’s ready for this thing to be over before it’s already begun.

If I were Wally Pope, I’d be sweating bullets. And I’d not want to waste a second with the time the judge has allotted him — which is only an hour and a half.
So what does Pope do? Squander time like it’s going out of style".

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I can see Slappy guzzling scotch with one hand while punching the nearest SO member with the other. :happydance:

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And the denial went through so close to Thurs 2 PM PST.

So (bleeping) sweet.

Question: Was Debbie Cook ever involved in any of the fund raising for the Super Dooper Pooper Scooper Power Up Building?