Gay Bash Saturday Aug. 17 Looking for meme and photoshop help


Gold Meritorious SP
Last night when I wrote that, I wasn't sure if it was fair to make fun of JT - he is so pathetic. But yeah, the LRH body thetan belongs on JT's balls. Not Smurfie's.



A Girl Has No Name
It also just occurred to me - rather than calling it a "Pink Mass" like the Westboro protesters, there is a lot of comedic potential in touch assist or contact assist that could be exploited. Especially if anyone is going to be touching their penis to a picture of LRH (read the Huffington Post article if the reference doesn't make sense).

Feel my penis.


A Girl Has No Name
Woo..hoo... Party!!!



What we really need is to shoop Kools packaging over the crotch area of a picture like that and create a double entendre meme about "smoking" the contents of said package. For JT's birthday.