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Geanacopulos vs. Narconon Fresh Start (re: Scientology Front Group)


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Geanacopulos vs. Narconon Fresh Start (re: Scientology Front Group)

Federal Complaint in Geanacopulos vs. Narconon Fresh Start

Tony Ortega: http://tonyortega.org/2014/04/24/sc...ura-d-asked-to-turn-over-computer/#more-14500

Hamilton’s newest lawsuit was filed yesterday on behalf of Harry and Lauren Geanacopulos and their son Peter, who they enrolled in the Nevada Narconon center last fall. The family had learned about the facility in the usual way, after talking to a recruiter who called the facility “Rainbow Canyon Retreat” and “Fresh Start” without mentioning Narconon or its connection to Scientology.

The complaint lays out the other deceptions inherent in the Narconon business model that Hamilton always explains in such detail. That, for example, potential customers are told they’ll get individualized drug counseling, but instead, after arriving, they learn that they’ll be getting introductory Scientology training instead. Hamilton then quotes from other Narconon lawsuits which produced testimony that the treatment regimen at the centers is unscientific, and is advertised with bogus success rates. None of this was revealed to the family when it paid $30,000 up front for their son to enroll in the program.

The Geanacopulos family is suing for breach of contract, fraud, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Here’s the new complaint…

Geanacopulos vs. Narconon

Hamilton has also now established a website for informing other potential plaintiffs about his practice and lawsuits against Narconon.

“Our hope is that everyone who has been wronged by Narconon and wants to protect their legal rights against them will know there are attorneys eager to stand up for them,” Hamilton tells us.


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Just want to note here the docket number for this Federal case, originally filed April 23, 2014, is: 2:14-cv-00629.



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Narconon’s cancer spreads: New lawsuits and a court order for Scientology’s rehab network

In the Geanacopulos lawsuit, Nevada federal Judge James C. Mahan has denied the motion to dismiss filed by International and ABLE, and it’s an across-the-board victory. The defendants had argued that International and ABLE weren’t connected strongly enough to the rehab center in Nevada to be subject to the lawsuit, and that the plaintiff hadn’t properly stated a claim upon which relief could be granted. But Judge Mahan knocks down each of those arguments. He points out, for example that Hamilton had quoted from Narconon’s own internal guidebooks about the control that International exerts over the local facilities, and that International’s website directs visitors in the Nevada area to the facility there.

And so the Geanacopulos lawsuit can continue. But Mahan’s order is about much more than that. Our legal experts point out that after this, Hamilton can refer to an order by a sitting federal judge which knocks down the arguments that Narconon makes around the country. This judge’s order becomes a powerful document that Hamilton and other attorneys will now be able to use to show that their lawsuits are aimed properly.

Geanacopulos v. Narconon Order


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For anyone hoping to keep up with the Narconon news make sure to read Tony O's blog from yesterday and today! LOTS of stuff happening!

Unfortunately for Narconon it seems to be ALL bad news from their perspective. Some of it VERY bad! :ohmy:

How many lawsuits are there now just against Narconon? :unsure:

I know it's at least 30 here just in the U.S. plus the Grand Jury Investigation.

Then we've got SP extraordinaire, David Love causing them all kind of havoc up in Canada. :)

And things are just getting started! :yes: