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General Interpretation of Anonymous vs CoS War??

Terril park



I tried to make a very short post, and a message came up that I had to add two characters. ( I'm usually a bit more long winded than you. :) )

Then a very obscure verbal pun. A class action suit is in the offing, and they need a few more people.

Terril park

I got your joke, Paul, even if Terril didn't.

Clearly niether of you got my admittedly pretty impenitrable one.

If Paul's robot auditor does False data stripping, you'll be able to lift yourself up into areas of subtlety and joy way beyond Fart jokes. Do Jokers and degraders PL


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Clearly niether of you got my admittedly pretty impenitrable one.

If Paul's robot auditor does False data stripping, you'll be able to lift yourself up into areas of subtlety and joy way beyond Fart jokes. Do Jokers and degraders PL

I did get your joke the first time too darling :thumbsup:


"He went on to comment about issues with the church such as child labor, holding members captive when they want to leave the church, and other cult related qualities that the church possesses. I have my own opinion on both Anon and CoS and what should be done. For one Anon scares the hell out of me, they post very very personal information regarding their "enemies" but also the way CoS acts scares me aswell in terms of many things they do.

Anon's Enemy List -This is what really scares me"

I just went and looked at that link, and it scares me, too.

But the photographs of Lisa McPherson's corpse scare me worse.

For myself, I will have to find ways of protest that I can live with. Ones
that don't involve treating people as second class citizens. I object to that
in both CoS and Anon.



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Bjorkist! Seriously Dude! Sometimes its best to just say: SNAFU. The organizations whose job it is to investigate crimes are beauracracies. The Church has been busted for very serious domestic terrorism, and they simply slow down or settle lawsuits that they would lose concerning wrongful deaths, kidnappings and causation of mental anguish. Are you going to pretend ignorance of this?


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Emma in her wisdom has instructed the board that I need two more characters to make a post. ( dunno how Paul gets away with his short pithy posts)

It is not Emma - it is partly the software and partly you. If you have a post where you quote someone and you don't have the ending "[/quote]", it thinks everything you've written is part of the quote


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That is such a tragic film clip. There are so many examples Bjorkist.
The Childen of God, Jamestown, the Manson family, Peoples Temple, on and on it goes. So much death. Such cults in our society are a difficult pill to swallow.

I was watching a documentary regarding the Manson family. One of the former members were talking about the group think phenomena, how it was so easy to be taken in. Although it felt extremely odd, I could totally relate with her.

It is hard for those who have never lived it to truly grasp cultlife.

No argument that there are atrocities going on around us that make Sea Org life look like a day at Disneyland......but while worse things exist, it does not erase the wrongs that we know from Scientology.

From our experience we can communicate and perhaps infuence people to turn away from cult life period.


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I am not a member of Anon, nor am I an ex scientologist. I am simply a citizen with an opinion, an open ear and an internet connection. By now I am sure many of you have heard about Anon and their plans with Scientology if not go here. I saw a few posts with similar topics but I would simply like to hear the opinions of ex sci members. I have my own personal opinion, I am sure you can figure it out based on the fact I am posting in this message board. I would simply like to know if anyone supports their effort, thinks it is a bad idea or what ever else pops into your head on the subject. In my opinion this "war" is one of the largest anti-Scientology campaigns, considering news outlets such as fox, nbc, abc and the economist have all picked it up.

My opinion on the whole Anonymous thing is that it is a huge shot in the arm for the critic movement. I couldn't be happier to have them on our side.

It seems to me that it is truly a grassroots movement, started with a run-in on the subject of free speech on the internet, it has just mushroomed into a human rights movement. Anonymous is not a tightly knit group with a leader calling the shots. It is a group of people who have found agreement on some points and are banding together to fight what the rightly view as oppression. There are a few individuals on the fringe that are a bit wild, there are those that are levelheaded and striving to keep the group on track. The vast majority are mostly young idealistic people who have found a cause, are now finding out more about that cause, are becoming incensed by what they are finding, and are rapidly developing a social conscience.

It's the sort of movement that everyone should be involved in. Not necessarily as a group. When you look at it, if everyone stood up in protest when they saw something wrong, we'd have a lot less trouble in the world. The CoS would never have gotton to the state that it's in.

As for the target, Anonymous has picked a battle they can win. And should win. It's social justice. Grass roots style. More power to them, I say.




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Just thought I would make a comment, hope you don't mind.

Mostly in regards to the common misconceptions that people tend to have about 'Anonymous' as a group.

The whole idea of a group 'Anonymous' has always been something of gag actually. Actually the original gag was that every 'Anonymous' post was from the same person (named Anonymous) that was having a conversation with him/herself.

What it comes down to really, is that we don't really consider ourselves to be part of an organization. Each person sees what other people are saying, does some research on the topic (lurk moar) and then decides what to do about it on an individual basis. The 'group' is made up of all the people that happened to decide to do the same thing.

So as an example if you had 1000 people all in a large room having conversations. Some of the people sitting off by themselves, others having conversations in the corners, and in the middle a large group of people talking about the same thing, with people drifting in and out of the middle group as their interests take them. The whole room would be Anonymous, even though at times almost everyone there is not doing what the majority of the group is doing.

It is a very non-standard group. Individuals generally do their own research and come to their own conclusions rather than blindly following the group. (For instance - I have now researched Scientology enough that I was able to answer the security question to get registered for this board. :p and I find myself wondering right now if Anonymous actually counts as being in the 3rd dynamic or not.)

eh, that is all I really have to say about that.