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Ok random post from wwp most of you may know already, but laying thoughts and some structure on how to proceed with various sending of information.

The main thing here is the unravelling of COSRECI this is the entity that harbours the majority of assets and revenue for it and it's subsiduraries in the UK then France and so on.

That is why IF this inquiry is formalised correctly beyond the general nature of "Public Benefit", "Religion" and benefit to a Substantial group of the population, then it will drag out alot of information that should be public.

Many steps to cover before the 31/8/2010:

1. Seriously exes get your stories sent, make sure they are concise and to the point and individual. Unsure on the "Parlimentary Privilegdes" but get them ready to send.

2. Financial records of all kinds relating to step 1, no matter how old highlight them aswell as separate documentation. This is to show the dealings you have witnessed and if any revenue has been misused and not for "Public Benefit".

3. Structure and control must be shown aswell. Connections to the various organisations and it's "Public Benefit" or "Harm". Again you are looking to highlight misuse of funds or how revenue is fed through various entities.

4. Assets and the misuse of assets obtained by the various entities. Find any stories or situations where assets taken as ownership or assets purchased with tax-exmept funds are being used or not used. Under what premise were these assets obtained and have they followed the guidlines for the "Public Benefit" test.

5. Personal views should be kept separate from any documtentation sent but make it clear that if you are a citizen concerned over the use of tax-exempt status and the unfairness towards other entities which provide a much higher level of "Public Benefit".

Remember this an inquiry so it will be as partial as it can be and focused on general legislation for ALL entities not just the Co$. So when you word any harpoons slant them in that manner.

If this legislation goes through it is the first big stage in unravelling the web created over 50+ years which has turned many govt bodies away from the resources needed to deal with such a sensative issue.

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From wwp unless people already know:

The legislation has been passed to the Economics Legislation Committee.
I think the next step is to do everything we can to get a recommendation to pass when the committee reports back to the Senate.
The committee members are:
Senator Hurley (Chair), Senator Eggleston (Deputy Chair) and Senators Bushby, Cameron, Pratt, and Xenophon
Participating members
Senators Abetz, Adams, Back, Barnett, Bernardi, Bilyk, Birmingham, Bishop, Boswell, Boyce, Brandis, Bob Brown, Carol Brown, Bushby, Cash, Colbeck, Collins, Coonan, Cormann, Crossin, Farrell, Feeney, Ferguson, Fielding, Fierravanti-Wells, Fifield, Fisher, Forshaw, Furner, Hanson-Young, Heffernan, Humphries, Hurley, Hutchins, Johnston, Joyce, Kroger, Ludlam, Lundy, Ian Macdonald, Marshall, Mason, McEwen, McGauran, McLucas, Milne, Minchin, Moore, Nash, O'Brien, Parry, Payne, Polley, Ronaldson, Ryan, Scullion, Siewert, Sterle, Troeth, Trood, Williams and Wortley

It looks like the inquiry committee will be accepting submissions on line.
Well crafted poons should be sent to the committee. Submissions are posted online.
It doesn't look like the "TAX LAWS AMENDMENT (PUBLIC BENEFIT TEST) BILL 2010" inquiry information is listed on the website yet, but when it is, interested parties can track the bill and it's progress.
Parliament of Australia: Committees - Inquiries by Committee