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I'm sorry for just butting in on this thread and posting something which is entirely unrelated, but I was directed here by a member of another scientology forum and I'm wondering if you could possibly help me at all.

I'm a journalist in the UK, working on a newspaper which is currently organising an article on scientology. We have found current scientologists, but what we are really looking for are former scientologists to speak about their experiences.

If anyone could point me in the direction of someone I could speak to, or perhaps even yourself, that would be great and much appreciated.

Thank you so much,

Frankie Cary
[email protected]
012 93 459 808


Danielle Chamberlin
Good grief.
I second this, third it and fourth it!! I feel I have just entered a completely new Universe where everyone has gone completely barmy! Is this what will happen to me once I have been on this site long enough... heaven forbid!! Eeeeekkkkkkk !!!!:omg: