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John Peeler's conversation with Tommy Davis


I phoned Tommy Davis last night (a friend of mine, ex-Int Base executive had his personal cell phone number from having to do his own recent "handlings" with Tommy).

The gist of the conversation went like this...

I called and Tommy answered. When I told him who it was he just asked me what was going on. I told him, "Tommy, I'm listening to your interview right now at the SP Times and you're covering up things that I witnessed with my own eyes." I told him that I always considered him to be a friend, all the way back to our having worked together in the President's Office at CC. I said that the truth is coming out now and that if he gets into deep trouble or gets offloaded due to what's now happening, that I will be there for him if needed. That I would help him out if he needed it.

His response was that he didn't consider me to be a friend of his and that I was not the same John Peeler that he had known 18 years ago (when we first worked together). He also said that I was one of the most "horrendous" posters on the Internet, and a "pot smoker" with a "black clinker" for a heart.

Before I could respond to what he said, he hung up on me.

Oh well.

Tommy, the offer still stands though. If you're ever in trouble and get declared or offloaded, you still have a friend out here who will help you if you need it. You have my phone number now obviously. Call me if you need help.


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