German TV movie about Scientology


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Drama Critical of Scientology to Be Shown on German TV
By Roy Edroso, Tuesday, Feb. 2 2010 @ 2:39PM

​German readers, save the date: a film about one man's struggles with Scientology will air on German television on March 31. Called Until Nothing Is Left, the extremely rare docudrama about the cult follows the adventures of Heiner von Ronn, who'd been a member of the organization but abandoned it after ten years and the loss of a substantial part of his money -- and of his wife and children, who stayed in.

The film was made under a cover title, owing to fears that Scientology adherents might attempt to interfere. Scientologists have already protested the film as propaganda at a press screening in Hamburg. There's not much else they can do: In Germany, unlike here in the U.S., Scientology is classified as a business rather than a religion, and is subject to investigations by the state.

Scientology is rarely treated in American entertainments, except indirectly via satire (as in Bowfinger) or proselytization (as in Battlefield Earth).