Gerry Armstrong, Berlin, important talk, 17 September, 2011


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Outstanding video, containing avalanches of facts that are not generally known.

This was one of the best investments of 2 hours one could make if one had any romantic ideas about Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun.

The stunning level of deception and fact-blurring that Rinder and Rathbun engage is laid bare in this video.

Anyone hoping to understand who Rinder/Rathbun are and what they are doing should watch this.

Naturally there are many good attributes both as human beings and as anti-COS critics that M&M possess. But they have never ceased being Fair Game advocates and practitioners, despite their histrionics about the Squirrelbusters.

What could be more simple than to reveal what they know about the Armstrong saga, IRS battles and other obvious criminal campaigns that were waged.

If they are no longer part of such a philosophy, they would actually be ANXIOUS to tell what they know.

Their silence is not golden, but instead goldenrod, the very same SP-fighting tactics that Armstrong is still blowing the whistle on.

Feeling a tad bit uncomfortable there, Marty, are ya--with Jerry Armstrong speaking so lucidly and deliberately?
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Fantastic video!!

Great interview! :thumbsup:

I hope the networks pick up on this and do a two hour show, uncensored. Everybody in the world needs to see this.

Throws a whole new light on Marty and least for me. I no longer trust this supposed fair gaming that's being done on Marty.....I think it's just a show to make people think Marty is out......I don't think he is, 'cause they aren't doing anywhere near to Marty what they did to Gerry. They're doing annoying stuff to Marty, but I don't see that they are doing anything to destroy him, his marriage or his life. It looks like a pretend fair game next to what they did to Gerry. And Marty's unwillingness to help Gerry when Marty caused him the trouble he is in is an incredible outpoint.....just doesn't fit with somebody who is really out.

I hope Ursula sees this.....or was she there?

I'm so glad Gerry did this interview/video.....I hope it's saved all over the place so that it will never disappear, and millions of people get to see it very soon.

Thank you Gerry for the enlightenment and for your did a wonderful, wonderful job. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Gerry makes an analogy between the Co$ and OSA - and the mafia, which makes a lot of sense to me. When Gerry said this, I remembered when reading the Mission Earth books (which LRH wrote) that Jetero Heller - the hero (who I kind of saw as being LRH, even though it was fiction) was buddy buddy with and chose to live with the mafia. When I read the books, I was kind of surprised that LRH chose the mafia for the hero to have himself aligned with. Now I find this kind of interesting and maybe not so surprising after all. At the time that I read the books, I thought LRH was a good guy. The garbage in those books kind of shocked me that he would write that kind of evil was certainly not inspiring stuff or good literature. I thought LRH's writing stunk. I don't know what his purpose in writing those books was, unless he just enjoyed barfing on the paper. I have since found out that he was not what I thought he was at all. :no: Had I known back then what LRH and Scientology were really about I could have saved myself and whole lot of trouble.

Well...let's far OSA has this to deal with this week..... Gerry's video interview in Germany, along with the Ombudsman report in Australia and losing an Idle Org to foreclosure in Israel. It's been a pretty good week so far for our side.....not so good for the Co$. :lol:
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Wow, that was 2 hours well spent!
Thank you, Gerry, for speaking so directly about your experience and knowledge.
Thanks also to Thomas (and all those who helped) for providing the platform for this event.
The whole thing was beyond EXCELLENT! :clap:

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Okay, so first Marty gets arrested for a petty-assed spectacle removal.

Then Jerry Armstrong points out some skeltons in Marty's closet.

Meh, Marty will survive.

Not because he is strong.

But because with these two things having happened he will work extra hard and get the stats up, just like LRH says to do.




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So Rathbun and Rinder running Black Ops against Gerry under the direction of Hubbard and a hired Private Investigator Ingram

12:00 Planted operatives (Dan Sherman)to secretely get close to Gerry.

Assaulted Gerry 6 times
Aug2 1982 Mark Rathbun came under DM at that time.

19:33 Paid a police officer $10,000 to unlawfully authorize surveillance on Gerry.(Police officer was suspended from the force) CoS still claims it was a Legal operation even after the chief of police public statement to the contrary.
RINDER and RATHBUN both involved in the OP.

21:35 Rathbun went to Armstrongs home to deter him from going to trial
then sent Armstrongs ex-wife to attempt the same.

29:00 (David Cloogey?) attempted to lure Armstrong to Nevada for a 'prize' of the returning Armstrongs PC folders the day before a trial. It would have been deemed a criminal act.

30: Surveillance ops in London, Gerry accosted by 3 PIs at Heathrow, accused of passing documents to an Arab, (invented story) executed false accusation documents to police.

31:00 Private Investigator Ingram threatened to "put a bullet between Gerrys eyes"

37: (Cloogey) tried to lure Gerry to say things.Then used the video tape to make Gerry look like a scumbag.

40: at trial Jury saw that Fair Game still used
FBI contacts Armstrong in relation to a alleged incident (fabricated by Rathbun) that he(Gerry) had impersonated an FBI agent, but he (Gerry had never been to that part of Boston)

42: Ops- Article in Freedom mag, edited video of Gerry and called in Scn staff and public to view, and then reg for money to attack Gerry, claiming he was conspiring with the IRS.

46:IRS listens to the MSCC (Mission sort out restructure tapes) Scientology disclose that they had defrauded IRS , which prevents CoS getting tax exemption from 1984-1993.

46: Just learned over the past month that Scns were assembled to do a letter writing campaign urging Congressman to go after the IRS for an alleged a FBI op (co intel pro- which had ceased operations0

52: If Rathbun and Rinder came forward about that they could help clear my file.

Culled Gerrys PC files to Black PR him in trial.., Invented material, embellished material and presented it to the judge.

"They did one the most evil things when they culled those PC files"

LURE- To lure Gerry to do a video, CoS said there was an op against Flynn (Gerrys' Attorney) and they (scn ops) wanted to "help" Gerry help Flynn.

But the said Op (framing of Flynn) was actually run by Scn (Rathbun)

So Scn framed Flynn with alleged check fraud of a $2million check on a LRon Hubbard account, and got 2 known criminals to back it up, paid a Mafia member in Boston $33,000 , paid a known criminal in Naples Italy $25,000 to sign a declaration.

Prosecutor laughed at it.

57:00 Dec 86 scn agreed to setle all the cases Flynn was handling, some 20 people that Flynn represented including Gerry who had the biggest case.
Gerry had stated many times he would not sign a gag agreement,

Flynn said settlement is going ahead , and its a global settlement.
Scn promise sign the document and they will walk away, you will never hear from them again.

Flynn said,Gerry they've destroyed my life, they've destroyed my marriage, ive got to get out of this,

now I [Gerry] his client ,am made responsible for his peace, and all the other people who are his victims, im responsible for them.

so because of all of this thats why i signed.
And thats WHAT MARTY CALLS SELLING OUT, and thats why the Indies hate me.
So, immediately i sign this thing, and of course i was glad,to have it end, and to some degree to get on with my life, but , scientology would not let me.
within days they took a mass of material to the Los Angeles times.

Then they threatened me a number of times , that if I answered when they filed their black propaganda in various cases, if i answered they were going to come after me again.

107:So for a period of time I just lived in hope that they would end this fair game and there would be sort of a reformation.

(to be cont'd)

111.28 in 1991 they(scn filed their first action against me to enforce the settlement contract and that was Los Angeles superior court.

the judge who had inherited my case from Judge Brekenridge, who had retired, he ruled that this is one of the most one sided unfair contracts that he had ever seen

112: Scn then file another law suit, found a favorable Judge, and this Judge stamped whatever they put in front of him.
must be remembered this Judge didnt allow the case to go to trial, so he made all these rulings without a trial.I had no trial in this case.

114: that drove me to bankruptcy court and they even sued me in bankruptcy court.Ultimately i won that case.

115: The Injunction prohibits me from ah..mentioning Scientology, mentioning.. officers, directors, employees, volunteers, every volunteer minister as soon as they become a volunteer minister, these people become beneficiaries in this contract in this Injunction.

116 The Indies are also beneficiaries in this contract and in this Injunction.

The lawyer i was working for could no longer hire me because, because i could no longer work in his office because he was involved with Scientology.


. In the beginning of 1997 i got my first internet account, & just surfing the web at that time i came across Scientologys submission, on which its TAX SUBMISSION is BASED .This contained some pages of black PR on me on which they used to get their tax submission . The submission had depended on the Gerry Armstrong case in order to continue to continue to deny the tax exemption, and now when Scientology feels that they have me completely silenced, then they file a bunch of false material about me to the IRS- Now we know that MARTY RATHBUN was the person, ,

RATHBUN & RINDER were the people who filed these materials with the IRS- Rathbun has admitted that they prepared those documents and that is another reason why RATHBUN & RINDER do not come forward and why they are complete Phoneys.

When i saw this i realized what this whole thing is about , there are BILLIONS OF DOLLARS involved and it all kinda depends on black Pring me so they can have their tax exemption.

Some time later i found some more black PR, , 10 pages on me in this submission and its really nasty stuff, sordid history.

ah.. they state that, we of the church believe that ah.. everyone else, all of these other litigants were motivated by greed, the sole exception is Gerry Armstrong,who we of the church believe is truly psychotic. So make up your mind. I dont think a psychotic could truly do this.

121:00 Grady Ward served a subpoena, the following day a fax from Scientology threatening if I respond to this subpoena that i will be prosecuted., Now thats Unlawful.


WHAT IS IMPORTANT AS FAR AS RATHBUN & RINDER ARE CONCERNED ios taking care of these orders and going back and testifying as to the pressure that was put on Flynn my Attorney , that drove him to malpractice against me and to put me in that position where Flynn was forcing me to sign this contract.

RATHBUN was as i said was involved in framing Flynn with this $2 million check forgey, RINDER was involved and the information that they have between them could very much help to correct these injustices with this the fact they do not come forward and instead continue to black PR indicates to me they are Phoneys.

Up to RATHBUN & RINDER arrival i had met many independents.,and we talked freely

Rathbun & Rinders arrival on the scene has changed everything.

129 Reformation

132 Rathbun has spoken up about what was done to some degree TO LISA McPHERSON, because Lisa McPherson is dead, Rathbun speaks about what things were done to Influence the Judge in the Lisa McPherson case..

What was done to Influence the Judge in my case?,where im still alive and where the case still goes on, he says nothing but Black PRs me.

134.Gerry on Rathbun letter, where RATHBUN says Gerry sold out 23 years ago, accuses Gerry of being a Victim and selling out, and Rathbun says he 137will never sell out

147: acting in concert with Gerry Armstrong.

opinion of the US government and the IRS decision.

details of the Injunction, who are the beneficiaries
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Over the last two hours watching this video I have been humbled to the core.

I've made a number of posts on ESMB re: Gerry. When I knew Gerry on the Apollo I of course had no clue that events would lead to me being here, where I am now, watching Gerry tell this story. But, in retrospect, I’m not amazed or surprised.

This video is the Gerry I knew. Thoughtful, intelligent, composed, frank, articulate, pragmatic, compassionate, honest, pleasant, patient and as fine a person as I have ever met.

Of all the things I have read re: Scn over the last few years (which is considerable), the material that Gerry--by leave of his courage, decency and outrage--made available for all of Us has been the most important and put “the pieces together” for me more than anything or anyone else.

Gerry is right…there is no “Reformation” of El Ron’s Scn Construct. The “Reformation” mantra is a ruse, a calculated ploy preying upon the inherent forgiveness and common good will of Humankind.

Every Ex and Indy needs to watch this video. This good and decent man--at his own peril--is telling like it is, has walked the walk and deserves our thanks and support.

Face :)
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From Marty's '31 Factors':

Marty's 'Factor #11':

"Miscavige has run a continuous propaganda campaign attempting to besmirch the good name of L. Ron Hubbard. He has consistently given little interest and funds for defending public relations attacks on Hubbard."

There is little doubt that Marty Rathbun would have preferred that the FBI raids of July 1977 and the subsequent document release, by court order, in 1979, had never happened, and also little doubt that Rathbun would have preferred that Gerry Armstrong had never been involved in the Hubbard biography project, with its unexpected consequences, in the mid 1980s, of bringing previously secret information re. Hubbard to light.

Independent Scientologists, as do their CofS cousins, regard Gerry as a "traitor to LRH," and as a major "besmircher of L. Ron Hubbard's good name."

Neither camp of feuding Hubbardites can forgive him for exposing so much truth about their guru Hubbard.

From Judge Breckenridge's summation of 1984:

"As indicated by its factual findings, the court finds the testimony of Gerald and Joycelyn Armstrong, Laurel Sullivan...Omar Garrison, Kima Douglas, and Homer Shomer to be credible, extremely persuasive... In all critical and important matters their testimony was precise, accurate and rang true...

"The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder LRH. The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar...

"The writings and documents in evidence additionally reflect his egotism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile.

"At the same time it appears that he is charismatic and highly capable of motivating, organizing, controlling, manipulating, and inspiring his adherents


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The Armstrongs are my heros! :happydance:

Here's an interesting article I found regarding Scientology/Germany:

And while we're at it, here are those looney admissions again, for anyone who hasn't read them lately:
(including Gerry's very informative introduction to them. :thumbsup:)

I saw the 2009 video of Gerry addressing David Miscavige about the Affimations Admissions, and how Gerry believes that Miscavige uses them on himself, i took a step back and it made sense of Miscavige sleeping with Hubbard booming & commanding , COB power tripping off the Admissions, self hypnosis, Miscavige doesnt "do auditing" as such per reports hasnt for 17 odd years. The Admission rundown i doubt it will ever be available for more than The Only One.

Power is assumed makes all the more sense and how Miscavige can maintain his sociopathic grip.


stubborn rebel sheep!



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And, by the way…

In the video Gerry talked about his hopes for a Scn “Reformation” in the early to mid ‘80’s.

If there was ever any hope for a true Scn “Reformation” it was then.

M&M actively helped--BIG TIME--with mindless reckless abandon to kill the only hope Scn ever had a real “Reformation".

Face :)
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And, by the way…

In the video Gerry talked about his hopes for a Scn “Reformation” in the early to mid ‘80’s.

If there was ever any hope for a true Scn “Reformation” it was then.

M&M helped--BIG TIME--to kill the only hope Scn ever had a real “Reformation.

Face :)

for those who practice Scientology, hope exists for a true Scn “Reformation” , for those who understand Scientology know there is nothing to reform, Hubbard's evil mindfuck is functioning just as he intended to.


stubborn rebel sheep!
for those who practice Scientology, hope exists for a true Scn “Reformation” , for those who understand Scientology know there is nothing to reform, Hubbard's evil mindfuck is functioning just as he intended to.


There is nothing to reform
It functions as LRH had plan
And LRH had made this Scam impossible to
reverse as a spiritual cult
the goal is to take over control and money
The spiritual freedom is an illusion -
A bait to delude human
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Can this board's Rathbun fanboys, please pull their heads out of L Ron Hubbard anal cavity long enough to comment on this video please ... thank you.
Lolwut, which fanbois be those? Forget about it, probably nobody is going to say anything which might be construed as disrespect for Gerry's heartfelt appeal. Try WWP, I hear they've got stuff going on over there. :biggrin: