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Gerry Armstrong is in Berlin to talk about Rathbun and Rinder


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That's exactly it. I think he believes that Miscavige's worst crime is that he has made L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology look bad.

L. Ron Hubbard has made, and through policy and tech and ethics and justice continues to make, Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard look bad.

Marty is at best continuing the flow as is Miscavige. Neither is original or creative in their idiocy, they are simply following the 1950's era postulates of a paranoid, delusional narcissistic drug-addicted psychopathic asshole.



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Gerry looks like a completely normal person telling a story honestly and sincerely - quite different from Marty's twitchy shiftiness. Gerry is real, whereas Marty is contrived. Maybe that's because Scientology doesn't believe that truth exists.

Marty is Oatee VIII. Twitchiness is part of the EP.


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So Mike GRinder says that Gerry Armsrong is a fruitcake huh????
No Grinder is without a doubt everything he accused Gerry and Graham Berry of.
Let's start with lies for example:
He is the one that insisted that Miscaviage does not beat up his staff to the media then he turns around later and say he lied about that without any remorse.
That is a pattern of deception and not an isolated incident on his part.
Why doesn't he list all his lies todate before he ,being the pot, goes around calling the kettle black .
He definitely follows in the footsteps of that lying piece of shit Hubbard. Could be he is suffering from the " donkey" syndrome =still following the imaginary carrot in front of his nose put there by hubbard
He partcipated in ruining the lives of defectors and opponents of the cult and enjoyed it when he was in favor.
Like all culties brought up in the criminal teachings of Scifi-ology disguised as a religion he is trained to lie, deceive, misdirect and not answer questions .
Grinder is a still acting like a sucker in denial and will always be that way till he sees that hubbard deviously used him by promising magical powers that did not exist for hubbard to give.
Note* that I am not ruling out some other power such as God or something alike that may exist but certainly not the hubbard scientology-dianetic brainwash crap put out as "scientific fact" when it is fractured fairy tale that has become a sordid horror story.!
Listening to him makes it obvious he still only views situations from his perspective and rules out others perspectives such as Gerry Armstrong's and Graham Berry's along with many others he has encountered .
In doing so Grinder thereby commits the Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE).
I find that psychology terms must be used freely in understanding destructive cult behaviour .
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Great point! :thumbsup:

It is one of many things that I came to dislike about Scientology while involved. They NEVER acknowledged or accepted ANY responsibility for ANY "bad effects" they created (and they create many bad effects and screw up all of the time), and they NEVER apologized. Idiots.

They steam-roller through life with this absurd view that "we can do no wrong, and we are always right, because we have the only real tech of Man and ONLY we are acting to free all thetans". It is the logic of "the end justify the means".

Ron could only see what he had inside, you can only give away what you have inside.

The mistake is to believe Ron created dianetics or scientology, it was the boys who did, he just kept taking the credit.

If you really look or listen to the tapes, CDs you will notice Ron has trouble completing the simplest of dianetic auditing actions, he tends to fob them off to his helpers.

Question did he really create Dianetics or was he a ghost writer who found his gold mine.
In dianetics, did he really communicate what the auditor's role entailed.

Intense detail on subject matter, he himself never really accepting the subject himself.

Why, because he entertained the idea of taking a pill, an instant solution to solving engrams, or accepting being three feet back of your head is clear. utter non-sense.

Ron knew his skill of human emotion and reaction, it showed in the book "battle field earth"

He really understood the concept "what is clear". Did he realize clearing was just helping others remove their coloured glasses warping their senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight within and added to everyday reality.

Its why every person at an accident scene reports a different story.

When you really take a close look at L. Ron Hubbard and ask the hard questions, what will you find?

Its really okay to know the answers are very different from what is publicized or readily accepted.

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