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Getting Clearer with Chris Shelton - is an excellent Scientology resource


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A hats off to Chris Shelton. I listen to your podcasts every day on You Tube whilst I am doing my hour walk.

I love your You Tube Videos!

"Reason in an Unreasonable World" Chris Shelton



I am sending you some money, Chris Shelton - for helping us all get more clear about What Scientology Is and What it is NOT!

Very excellent speaking abilities and factual data to fill in the gaps about the Lies $cientology $ells.

I wanted to encourage everyone to listen to each episode Chris Shelton does on You Tube and contribute to the motion of sending Chris Shelton some money.

He has done a fine job and is one of the healthiest SP's that ever left the cult of Scientology. Chris takes a very logical approach to "Going Clear" about $cientology. I am not saying other SP's are not healthy - but from the get go - Chris went directly to getting the information he needed to find out how he got duped and he shares that information with us.

That is the first step - IMHO - is to get the TRUTH - all of it. If you park outside of the cult thinking it is Miscavige - you will join an independant group of Scientologist's and hover out there in confusion. One needs to go all the way down the rabbit hole and you have a friend to do it with - Chris Shelton!

He was in for almost 30 years and he is very sane and rational - you truly are more OT than any OT I ever met inside the bubble.

THANKS CHRIS!! We love you! Oh - and your Mom is adorable...loved her too!


Chris Shelton

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Damn! I just saw this post hidden away while I was looking for something else. Thank you so much for the kudos. Yep - good times on my channel.