Getting Your Submissions to The Oz Senate Inquiry


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?? The Senate Inquiry Web Page ??

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I've yet to be able to access any of the related sites:

Possibly they've disabled outside access. Possibly they are subject to heavy hits? Are you sure this a correct url?

Mark A. Baker

Yep . . . google Australian Senate, click the link . . . and it blows up.

I've emailed everyone in site in Oz gov to do a fix . . . the Ozzie Gov main site is up and OK . . . its just the Senate that is down.

Pardon me for complaining . . . but I am still too bloody busy! And my sweet Virginia is beginning to complain that that our book is being neglected

For you guys wanting to summit your contributions to the Senate . . . the safe thing to do is email it with the address we have that they have given for such: [email protected]

and also do the website submission when it is up.