Glasgow Documentary about Scientology


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I personally have a bit higher estimation of the "average" person than your observations would suggest. Perhaps you see their pictures whereas I see the being?

Tsk, tsk. "Thetan-watching" isn't supposed to be part of it, per the obnosis reference. :)

But I agree that raising the tone of society is a worthwhile goal.

As for the whole validity of Hubbard's tone scale theory, that is another matter. I know some of it is fairly accurate, but some of it - like the whole "thetan plus body" level versus the acute "thetan" level and the "chronic" thetan level, as well as the entire generalization of it all - leaves much to be desired.



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What I am now writing and have been now since a certain post has nothing to do with my documentary. Thank you.

If anyone has something to contribute except typing please contact me...If not, please read on.

Come on Alex. You are not a stupid person...You sound like you may be able to give me an interview on skype and tell me how you think making the point that if you use Hubbards quotes out of context you isolate and lose the meaning of the do the same does not need to 'quote' that. Read back.

I agree and believe entirely that any person has the freedom to believe what they want. As an individual I have the right to believe what I want. Without fear. As do you.

What benefits the people as a whole is when they educate themselves outside of what is prescribed to them. This brings people together and does not segregate them. When you understand something there is no fear of it.

In my documentary, the facts and opinions will not be my own. The lack of balance I shall openly state. That is required and will justify the lack of certain voices.

I will document, I will not write...

I shall not post on this thread again. Thank you for all your time and comments.If you have gotten this far, you will realise that not all is worth reading and I apologise for that.

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One man's 'raised tone' is another man's whoopie cushion.


so that does mean then: that one man (or wimmins) whoopie cushion is another mans (or wimmins) raised tone...!

I bow before master Zinji; how to neatly encapsulate the bogosity of that whole raised tone bollix: L Ron perverted all of that to 'encapsulate his prejudices'
to me thats why $ciloontology will always be stuck in the 50's,
not the 50th century or over aLL time but that of teegeack (sic) of the 1950's
of some provincial rube selling snake oil, you can take the rube out of the country but you can't take the rube out of the man: L con the redneck king.


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I've known too many people, even people I like, whose idea of 'raised tone level' or 'sweet odor' was their own flatulemce.

One of my major, if not primary objections to Scientology is that they attempted to Clear My Planet without asking my permission.