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GMail Hacked--Passwords "Released" by Hackers


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I had, where I worked, this thing that popped up going blah blah FBI, blah blah child abuse, with DRUG STORE LOGOS on the bottom, demanding 200.00. I told IT and they wiped my computer clean. Was a virus. Came home, told John, and a couple months later came up on our computer at home. Told a friend about it and he'd heard of it. Scam, of course.

Lately, we've been getting calls- sometimes several times a day- from India or somewhere like that- saying the caller is from "Windows" and blah blah your computer, blah blah. What they want is remote access, probably to get financial and other data, I guess, right?

Last week they called at 6:55 a.m. on a Saturday (grrr!) and called me sir. We do not have caller ID on our landline. Dickweeds!!

We've done various things. Claimed we don't have a computer, claimed we have Linux. John likes to just set the phone down quietly without disconnecting it and walk away.

We also sometimes get calls from some auto warranty thing, also with Indian accents and crap like that. But the "Windows" ones are the main ones. If they get our voicemail, as is usually the case, they just hang up.

I heard of a few people who just kept them on the line to fuck with them. One guy, though, foolishly LET THEM IN to his computer and was fucking with them. They figured it out and wiped all his personal data in revenge. Why the hell would anyone want to take that kind of risk?

Though, I will say this, the Anus Laptops thing was uber successful!!! Google it sometime. You will laugh your asses off.

Well, that was stupid.

If I wanted to fuck with them, I'd use a clean VM, with wireshark installed.


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Yes, I've just Googled the subject of Wordpress briefly and saw mention of MySql. (I've got MySql on my Linux system here.) I agree it's odd that they should be able to see their users passwords.

I think this is an aftermath of the Heartbleed bug.

Some master ssh keys have been stolen, which allowed some people to come and go as they please on some servers. Now the patch have probably been made on most of the internet, but I saw very few services advise their clients to change passwords that were probably compromised.

This is the unfortunate result.