Go big or go home!

Hey again! I rarely post but I'm always here, and always fascinated by your stories from in and outside of $cientology. I have to say, as a "never in", I have a ton of respect for everyone on this board. You're truly a courageous bunch.

So when I first joined, I put it out there that I'd be asking some questions here and there as I'm genuinely curious about the cul...er, "Church", and the response was pretty much "fire away!" So I wanna start with a biggie because the structural changes within $cientology:

Has anyone here ever met Tommy Davis? What was he like? He comes across *terribly* in interviews, and that's when he's playing nice! I'm not a violent guy, but if a friend of mine had some insatiable need to smack someone in the face and asked me to suggest a name...

Does anyone know what he's up to these days? I've seen online that he and his wife went into real estate or something but everything is kind of vague. It seems as if all of the publicly known execs who blow go public with their stories eventually, and we haven't heard anything from Tommy. Can you imagine the shit he'd spill?

Also - when structural changes in management happen like that (someone blowing or routing out or whatever), is the average $cientologist somehow informed? Or do people just quietly come in and out without notice? Who are DM's #2, #3 and #4 these days?

Sorry if this is a little much but this inquiring mind wants to know!

Thanks, and you guys are just awesome!!


Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
Hello! I have never met Tommy Davis but I know others who have, from the time before he joined the Sea Org, when he was just a regular member attending Celebrity Center in Los Angeles. The consensus is that he was a really nice person back then. One person told me how shocked they were when they saw Tommy in videos being interviewed by the media. His behavior was nothing like he used to be. Of course, scientology changes people, and being involved with the Office of Special Affairs as a church spokesperson requires a lot of deflecting, denying and lying and counter-attacking. Working directly for David Miscavige is apparently a nightmare... Anyone willing to do that job has to really believe it's all justifiable.

I can understand why you would name if asked, lol. But he's out of that job now so we can only hope that he came to his senses enough to call it quits.

He's been out of the Sea Org for several years now, leaving with his wife Jessica Feshbach Rodriguez Davis. They are active scientologists out in the real world, making money. He's not discussing why he left, and speculation and rumors that they left the Sea Org because Jessica had cancer were the talk of the forums for some time but later found to not be accurate. They would never leave scientology. Both come from prominent families very involved in scientology and both are second generation scientologists.

Hope this helps.