Go Fund Me for Stop Scientology Disconnection Billboard on Hollywood Boulevard


Re: New effort for billboard about Scientology disconnection

I can almost hear the conversation going on when this thing goes up.

CO OSA: City Council! You need to take this down , it infringes on my religious freedom. Scientology is a bona fide religion and this is an outright attack on all our freedoms! The C of S is a cornerstone of the community and everyone loves it, crime has gone down because we are here.

City Council:Sorry, they paid and are within their rights. By the way, could you guys stop distributing those "Tony Ortega fucks children" flyers all over town?

Distributing Call Me flyers would be a good feeling.


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Who did the video???

Kuddos to him how he handled it!
Touched a the right place!
(they know, they just need it to be ''reactivated...'')



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Is someone going to alert the media? This is news worthy!

I wish I could be there. They need one up here in Sacramento. We have dianetics bill boards everywhere!


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Published at the Bunker this morning:

Phil and Willie Jones versus Scientology: The real story of how the billboard came to be

On Thursday, we published an account by Derek Bloch describing part of his experience in 2015 filming a television series about Scientology ‘disconnection’ that has yet to receive an airdate. When he saw what Derek had written, Phil Jones contacted us, asking to post his own experience with the unaired ‘Disconnection’ series and how it eventually led to the famous billboards that Phil and Willie crowdfunded in Los Angeles and Florida. As we said last time, for a short period we too became involved in that television production, serving as a consultant for Sirens Media for about a month as the series lineup was being finalized. We hope that the series does get an airdate at some point, but in the meantime we believe Phil’s account deserves to be heard.


Full Post: http://tonyortega.org/2017/07/31/ph...-real-story-for-how-the-billboard-came-to-be/