...goes horribly wrong.


You're still the same as you were in the Sea Org, aren't you?

Whose orders of cruelty are you following - unquestioningly - now, Lulu?

Or are you a free agent?

:no: Nasty! Not Lulu. She was never either cruel or unquestioning. Take your ad Homs, labels, prejudiced generalities and acidic bullshit character assassinations somewhere else. Doesn’t fit here.

Of course, everything awful you did to others in Scn is justified in your own mind because you wrote a report and made lots of copies. :eyeroll: So courageous - not.


Justice for victims
Yeah, because anybody who is saying things critical things that question someone's actions or agenda is either mentally ill, being paid by the enemy or (in the Co$) has overts and withholds. :p

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Sheesh...you, too?! It is not the points at issue. It is the TACTICS that are rotten. Yes, none of us can handle opposing views...our way or the highway! Ugh. Really?! It's like you guys think you are wearing "magic cloaks" and we can't see you. But, it's embarrassing, because WE SEE YOU. It's so weird.