Going Clear Airs on HBO!


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OMG the wors part - I can't even listen ot it!

''we stand tall - footage''


Marty explains why it has been done


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Ortega....so why is tom cruise paying $1000 to get aliens pulled out of his butt? LOLOLOLOLOL!


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They talk about '' the applied philosophy'' bait..

They said it can't be in reagards to the huge money it cost...


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Tom and Nichole story.

SP and PTS. Nichole's father is a psychiatrist.

Getting Tom back into the church...Marty was tasked to get him back in.

DM getting daily reports on Cruise's auditing.

DM tells Marty to tap Nicholes phone. tapes went to DM.

Nasty stuff.


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Nicole Kidman was to be put out of the scene as her father being a psychologist and her not willing to be involved

Miscavige gets crazy about Tom keeping a distance

Marty corroborate Mikes on it

Marty had to make daily reports on Cruize

my comment:

Hello Tom...wheel of karma..If you spy with dirty cult- you get spied with dirty cult :lol:

La La Lou Lou

Nicole and her Psyche dad. Cruise out of touch with Dave. Breaking IC up with his wife via auditing investigating Nicole tapping phone eyc


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Marty works on getting Nicholes adopted kids to go against her.

Cruise video from IAS meeting.....35 minutes long...I didn't know that....for "freedom medal"

Cruise video in the black turtle neck sweater....looking nutty and insane.

Beghe says "All scientologists lie"....ya gotta do the next level....blah blah.


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Tom knows all. It's not possible that he doesn't. Sea org workers doing work on his stuff.

And now gold base....


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I loved "We Stand Tall".

I did.

I really did.
As never-in I have to say..many days my husband and I just look at each other and start singing it.. In fact, he is in the other room right now and I will go do it to him! :lol:

Ive had REO Speedwagon in my head all day.. I'm gonna keep on loving you..etc. so We Stand Tall is way more fun and appropriate .. Thank you for that & everything here Emma!