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Sara talks about her son. She gets declared.

Tommy davis lies about disconnection.

Haggis gets pissed at tommy for lying....He is still pissed off. Powerful stuff.


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An important topic is covered

The shame

Being ashamed we didn't leave earlier

Talk about family disconnection - and trying to avoid sp declare not to loose child

(a true example with proof in brought - sp declare - disconnection - with CO$ letters)

the reason was : The husband went on internet to read what was written about David Miscavige

Heartbreakin\ the momy cries and is missing so much her daughter


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Sara's daughter disconnects from her....she cries......damn....you can see the hurt. damn.


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I'm really feeling it, and I can't even see it.

Someone tell me if this is as good as it sounds.


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I know the Squirrel Buster whose hat and glasses were knocked off by Marty that day he was arrested.

His name is Jim Moore.

His full name is Norman James Moore. Works at CCHR Texas.

He's also the guy who was tasked with the role of leering at Mosey when Marty was out of town.
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Sara Goldberg, "My daughter gives me a hug and tells me I have to disconnect from you." Face goes dark, tears. Very heart-wrenching. I concentrated on the smell of her hair..."

..."it's like Christianity with hell. It's brainwashing. It took me a while to figure out that's what occurred."

Tony Ortega: ..."They create a lot of websites about me and smeared me with a lot of garbage..."

Crazy headcam Scios harassing Marty as he throws them off his property. Marty: "It's been a nonstop onslaught for five years."


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Now the brainswashing issue

''It's your eternity - you have to go up the bridge to ensure your eternity''

'' it's a lie''

''you justify so much''


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Squirrel busters story.

Ortega tells story of PIs on his mothers doorstep.

Monique rathbun is on....about her surveillance. The non-stop harassment.

The lawsuit of Monique against DM.


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Now Marty about squirrel busters

Tony Ortega about the CO$ after his mother and trying to destroy him

Mike rinder about how they spread lies about people ( sex offender - criminal....hate website)

Monique Rathbun talk about the first time they came to film in front of her home

It has been non stop for 5 years to Marty's house

The put the footage of the squirrel buster - so we have an idea about the church method of harrassing people

They sho the cameras installed on neighbors's houses to film Marty


Monique ( a never in $cientology) suing Miscavige :clap:


Basics of Monique's courtcase as described by Tony Ortega.

Back to Miscaviage and clips of weird events. "Let's just say 2013 is the year that we went stratospheric." - DM Wild applause. Description of huge monies of the church and membership under 50,000.


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Now they adress the corporate structures of the CO$
The shell of the many entities

Lawrence Wright adress that IRS shall revised the status