Going clear: Is Obama worship like Scientology? (The DC OpEd)


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By Mark Judge

The Daily Caller reported yesterday that the Church of Scientology has been lobbying the White House. This shouldn’t be considered unusual. Both Scientology and liberalism under Barack Obama are cults — and very similar cults at that.

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Like Hubbard, Obama is worshipped by his followers as a messiah.

The E-meter machine, or “Electropsychometer,” that Hubbard invented to improve humanity was foisted on the public without much investigation. As a piece of technology, it is considered primitive and ineffective. Despite that, and demands that is be opened up to show exactly how it works, it is angrily defended by the cult’s disciples.

Consider the rollout of www.healthcare.gov.

There is also something similar in the belief in “going clear” and liberal utopianism. In Scientology the follower relies on the E-meter despite the evidence that he or she may just be suffering from depression or a cold. In liberalism, every evil of mankind is the result of either racism, sexism or homophobia. If you think Leader Obama is spending too much money, you’re a racist. If you are against gay marriage, you’re a hater who must be banished. Think the government shouldn’t pay for contraception? You hate women.

In Going Clear, Hubbard punishes mutiny by tossing offenders off the side of one of his several yachts. The programming on MSNBC is like an endless E-meter session, the hosts obsessively auditing the culture for signs of the engrams of sexism, racism, and homophobia. Because they are both religious faiths, no other explanations are entertained.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/12/05/going-clear-is-obama-worship-like-scientology/#ixzz2mpbvKgPS

Good to see Scientology being used as a cultural metaphor!