Going Clear (Scientology And The Prison Of Belief) – music by Will Bates..


Gold Meritorious SP
"We are very excited to be releasing Will Bates’s amazing, dark and electronic-driven score to Alex Gibney‘s latest controversial documentary, Going Clear (Scientology And The Prison Of Belief). The film follows men and women who left The Church of Scientology.

The album comes out digitally on 03/17/2015. The CD release will follow on 04/07/2015. HBO airs Going Clear on 03/29/2015"

(Audio) https://soundcloud.com/milanrecords/will-bates-going-clear-from-going-clear-ost



Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
Very unique sound.. eerie, dark, enticing, light, playful, space-agy.. I like it a lot!